Things to Consider Before Having An Ariston Instant Water Heater Installed

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Owing to the extremely faced paced lives that all of us lead, it becomes difficult to find time for anything. We need to get up fast, eat breakfast quickly, and even bathe fast. What if we want to have a nice hot shower? Usually, it will take time for the storage water heater to heat water, store it, and then be ready for use. If you instead opt to install an instant water heater, things can be different and quick.

Even though there are quite a few instant water heater brands in Singapore, Ariston is one of the best-selling water heater brands in Singapore. Most people in Singapore consider getting an Ariston instant water heater installed. If you are planning to install an Ariston instant water heater in your home, do consider the points given below.


Unit Capacity


When selecting a water heater, you will give importance to the tank storage capacity. However, when you opt for an instant water heater, there is no tank storage capacity. To figure out the ideal instant water heater size for your home, you need to gather some information.

First, make a total of the individual flow rates of every appliance and fixture in your house that needs hot water. Certain fixtures will already have their litres per minute mentioned and, in some cases, you need to get it tested manually.

Next, you need to find out the temperature rise that is needed to get the incoming water temperature in your home up to the necessary levels. As doing this may not be easy for all, consider hiring a water heater professional to assist you with this. 

Not only can they do all the calculations for you and help you decide which Ariston instant water heater will be ideal for you, they can help you with the water heater installation.


Water Hardness


Water hardness is the next factor that you must give importance to before buying an Ariston instant water heater. Scale deposits are known to form in heat exchangers, and this slows down the transfer of heat as well as restricts the flow of water.

The scale deposits will not be a problem if you have complete-house water-softening already. However, if there is hard water in your house (hardness is more than 120 mg/liter), consider a treatment system to be installed before choosing an instant water heater.




An Ariston instant water heater model such as the Ariston SMC33 is an electrical instant water heater, and they can be installed anywhere as they do not require ventilation. Instead of using a gas line to heat up the water, these instant heaters use thick copper rods to heat up the water. 


Electrical Power

As an Ariston instant water heater runs on electricity, do make sure you have access to required amount of electric power to be able to use your Ariston instant heater.

Do consider consulting a water heater professional to help you install your water heater. They can help you to check if the voltage is adequate for your Ariston water heater during installation. If you face other problems while using your Ariston water heater, you can repair them at no additional cost if it is still under warranty. Ariston instant water heater models such as the Ariston SMC33 comes with 5 years of warranty on its heating elements.



If you are thinking about installing an Ariston instant water heater in your home, do consider the four factors (unit capacity, electrical power, ventilation, and water hardness). By considering these factors, you will be able to select the right Ariston water heater model for your home. Engage a professional to install your instant water heater safely and correctly once you have decided on the water heater model.


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