Things to Note Before Having an Instant Water Heater Installed

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There are several benefits of installing an instant water heater at your property. However, it is important to understand some factors that make your property fit or unfit for instant water heater installation before getting into an installation service contract. Hot water usage patterns, demand, budget, consumption, and current water heater at your property are some of the most critical factors you must consider before having an instant water heater installation.



Compared to a storage water heater, an instant water heater is relatively smaller, effective, and energy-efficient. The instant water heater does not have a storage tank for water holding since the water is heated once you open the hot water faucet. This feature makes the instant water heater about 23% more energy-efficient and convenient for a prominent family. Unlike a storage water heater with a limited capacity of 151 to 227 liters, an instant water heater can supply unlimited hot water to your entire property’s hot water faucets, appliances, and showers.

Hot water usage patterns


One of the critical considerations when choosing instant water heaters over a storage water heater is your hot water usage patterns. For instance, instant water heaters should be measured according to your hot water usage at a given moment. In some cases, the instant water heaters can supply sufficient hot water to all of your hot water faucets at once. Besides, you can have a system set up where each tap receives hot water at a particular time.

Most instant water heaters supply hot water in the range of 7.5 to 18 liters per minute. For instance, a high-flow showerhead can provide hot water at a 7.5 to 9.4 liters per minute flow rate. A washing machine can consume about 11 liters per minute. If you are looking forward to distributing the hot water usage throughout your home every hour, then installing an instant water heater is the best decision you can make – here are some important facts you should know when installing a water heater.



The initial cost of installing a storage water heater is relatively lower but that might not translate to better and affordable heating water services later. The initial cost of installing the instant water heaters is quite expensive but the long-term benefits exceed the short-term benefit of lower installation cost. As instant water heaters are more energy efficient; you will be saving on your utility power bills.

Current water heater

Your current water heater setup is another factor to consider when installing an instant water heater. The installation cost can increase significantly, especially if you hire plumbers, electricians, and other contractors. Therefore, it is essential to keenly look into the details of any estimate you receive from your installer when considering installing an instant water heater system to avoid water heater problems later.


Many property owners opt to install instant water heaters on their property, especially when they occupy less living space. They look for a water heater that can help reduce energy consumption and their monthly utility bill – one of the significant factors of installing an energy-efficient water heater. However, since instant water heaters are advanced, many plumbers may face difficulties in installing them. Besides, instant water heaters rely on gas connections. If your property does not have this type of piping installation, then it might not be the best water heating option for your property despite the long-term benefits.


In Singapore, many are choosing to install instant water heaters due to the benefits it brings to their family. Buying from a reputable installer can help you better understand which instant water is ideal for your home and the water heater installation process further – one of the benefits of buying an instant water heater from a reputable installer. If you are planning to acquire or install a water heater, consider contacting Water Heater City Singapore for we have top-selling water heater brands and provide water heater installation service afterward.

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