Things to Take Note Of Before Buying A Joven Storage Water Heater

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Most people in Singapore would want to install a water heater in their homes. It makes life a lot easier. You can take a hot shower or soak whenever you want. Also, you can do your dishes and laundry whenever you please. Though you can choose between an instant water heater and a storage water heater, storage heaters are more commonly installed in Singapore. There are many brands of water heaters you can choose from. However, Joven is one of the best selling water heater brands in Singapore.

Joven water heater is a brand that you can completely trust. It believes in reliability and safety in each of its products. Not only do its products meet your requirements perfectly, but they also look attractive. Thus, making your home look even more beautiful. Although Joven has products ranging from water heaters to electrical appliances, its storage water heaters are one of the best-selling products. If you plan to buy a Joven water heater, there are certain things you first need to take note of. To make things easier for you, this guide will help you learn more about the Joven water heater.


Storage Water Heater System


Joven storage water heater systems are the right choice for you if you are interested in multipoint solutions. They can function with a mixer tap system and are known to supply not just a single shower point but everywhere you may need warm water – including your jacuzzi, bathtub, washing machine, basin, sink, and shower tap.



Regardless of the fuel used, you will want your installed water heater to match your household requirements. When using it with a tank full of hot water, you may need to check the first-hour rating – the number of litres the heater can offer per hour. This rating of your installed Joven water heater is dependent on your tank’s size, the heating element’s size, and the heat source.

Next, you need to focus on the time of the day when your family uses the maximum amount of hot water for your installed water heater. This could be in the morning when all of you are trying to get ready for school or work. This could also be in the evening when you need to do the chores, wash your dishes, do the laundry, and maybe take a relaxing bath.

Approximately, if your water heater does not have a water heater leakage, your family uses 20 litres of water for the shower, 7 litres for dishwashing/dish preparing, 2 litres while shaving, and around 30 litres to wash clothes. Suppose you are a family of 3, then every morning you are likely to do one shave (2 litres), take three showers (around 60 litres), and one round of dishwashing (7 litres). You will need to keep all this in mind while choosing the right Joven water heater for your home.


Piping System in Your Home


Before you get your Joven storage water heater installed, you should prioritize installing the hot and cold piping system behind your bathroom tiles to ensure the area looks neat. Different types of pipes can be used for your home in Singapore:

  • PVC pipes for cold water
  • stainless steel pipe, PPU pipe, copper pipe, and PPR pipe for hot water

The cold and hot piping system needs to be connected to your mixer tap system to combine the hot and cold water. Thus, creating the perfect temperature to avoid scalding is one of the common water heater problems.

It might not be easy for you to identify which pipe must be installed. This is the job of a professional like Water Heater City Singapore. A professional can suggest an ideal Joven water heater model that meets your demands. They can also identify suitable pipes for installation.


Ceiling Space in Your Home

To install your tank on a concrete wall, you will need to check the top plaster ceiling space. The ceiling allowance must be at least 2 feet to properly position your Joven storage water heater.


Water Pressure

Before installing a new Joven water heater, you need to check the water pressure by finding the distance from your water tank. If the water pressure is from your water tank and you have a 2-3 story high home, you will require a water pump. If you have a water pressure system with a centralized booster pump – the centralized booster pump can help boost the pressure for water by at least a bar to help your Joven water heater distribute water into the shower taps.


Distance of Bathrooms

You may have a sharing unit with 2 bathrooms which are located side by side and are less than 15 feet away. Alternatively, there can be a split unit for 1 bathroom that is more than 15 feet away. In either case, the closer your instant or storage water heater is to the water point, the less time will be needed for the hot water to reach the usage point. It reduces wastage of water and even saves waiting time.


Model/Series Specifications

There is a variety of Joven storage water heater models that you can choose from.

JH Series


JH series like the Joven Storage Water Heater – JH 38  are installed in a horizontal position. It can be preset to 70 degrees centigrade and offers normal heating time. It has CFC-free polyurethane foam that ensures long-lasting heat which is one of the features to consider when buying a new water heater. JH Series models are easy to mount with their mounting ring bracket.

JH Heat Elevator Series

JH Heat Elevator Series like the Joven Storage Water Heater JH15 is installed in a horizontal position. It can be preset to 70 degrees centigrade and allows you to enjoy quick heating owing to its heat elevator technology. Replacing your water heater with this series can bring such comfort to your household. JH Heat Elevator series allows you to enjoy long-lasting heat because of the CFC-Free polyurethane foam. It also has a universal mounting bracket that enables easy mounting.

JVA Series


The JVA series like Joven Storage Water Heater – JVA50L are mounted vertically. It comes with an adjustable temperature control knob and offers a normal heating time. The CFC-free polyurethane foam ensures long-lasting heat, and the wall bracket allows you to enjoy easy mounting.

Select an Energy Saving Option

The Heat Elevator technology or “HE” used in the Joven water heater model is the only technology that uses a patent-pending magnetic mechanism. This improves the transfer of heat and makes the heat stratification in the water much better – making it an energy efficient water heater.



Water heaters can be considered an essential home appliance. Now, it depends mostly on which model of Joven water heater you opt for. Installation can be expensive but hiring a professional to install your storage water heater will ensure that it will be installed properly without any hassle. If there is a problem during installation, the professional can offer solutions to fix the problem as they are experienced and have the relevant skills.



Installing either an instant water heater or a storage water heater will depend on factors such as the installation area, the capacity of the water heater, as well as maintenance costs. These are some of the things to consider before purchasing a Joven water heater. Engage a water heater professional if you need help in choosing the ideal water heater for your home and they can help you with the water heater installation.


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