Top 3 Best-Selling Water Heater Brands in Singapore

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Different types of water heaters like storage water heaters, instant water heaters, and multipoint water heaters have become a necessity for most Singaporeans’ homes. The hot and humid weather can become very dreadful and this is where a relaxing shower is very much needed. You need to be meticulous when choosing which water heater to buy, because every household need the best appliances out there. 

First, you will need to know the differences between storage and instant water heaters so you can be sure of buying the best type of water heater for your home. After that, you should look for the most reputable brands because they often offer the most durability and reliability. We have listed down the top 3 best-selling water heater brands for you to choose from:




Ariston water heater, manufactured by Ariston Thermo Group, originated from Italy. They are regarded as one of the best-selling water heater brands in the industry. Their water heaters are well-known for their energy efficiency and luxurious shower experience. Their recent series, Andris R, are known for their elegant and luxurious design and functionality. Some of their best-selling water heaters include AN30R, AN15 LUX, and SMC33 instant heaters.

  • Ariston Andris LUX 30 Storage Water Heater 30L
  • Ariston Pro RS J Storage Water Heater – 50L
  • Ariston Pro R Slim 100L Storage Water Heater
  • Ariston Andris 2 15 LUX Storage Water Heater A2LUX-15L




Joven water heaters have become very popular in the industry because of its Triple Safety System feature, the High- Density Polyurethane Foam, and their adjustable thermostat. This brand originated from Malaysia back in 1983. Some of the well-known models of this brand include JVA 25 and JH35.

  • Joven Electric JH 56 56L Storage Water Heater
  • Joven Storage Water Heater 15L – JH15
  • Joven JVA 25 25L Storage Water heater
  • Joven Electric JH 91 91L Storage Water 



Rheem has become a trusted brand since it was established in the 1920s, in San Francisco, California. Its manufacturing agency in Singapore is also well-known for their eco-friendly and superior hot water heater systems that are designed with consumers’ best interest in mind. 

Rheem water heaters, aside from being eco-friendly that caters to their customers interests, also has functional features like over-heating safeguards in the adjustable thermostat, pressure relied valve (PRV), CFC free polyurethane insulation, enamel tank protection, and immersion heating element. Examples of their models which have all these features are EHG30 and 85VP6S.

  • Rheem Storage Water Heater – Vertical Model 38L, 10 Gal (65SVP10S)
  • Rheem EHG 60 Electric Storage Water Heater
  • Rheem Storage Water Heater – Vertical Model 57L, 15 Gal (65SVP15S)
  • Rheem Electric 40L EH-40M Storage Water Heater



Water heaters becoming a necessity for every home have made us list down all the top selling brands that can offer you the best and the most reliable products and services. These brands include Ariston, Joven, and Rheem. Other brands that offer similar offerings and functionality are 707, Rubine, and Champs. If you are interested in getting your own instant water heaters or storage water heaters at home, do not hesitate to call one of Singapore’s best water heater servicing company, Water Heater City Singapore! We offer the most efficient water heater services with a cheap price. 


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