Top Joven Storage Water Heater Models In Singapore

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Joven water heater is one of the most popular water heater brands in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Their water heaters are safe to use, have a good quality, and are reasonably priced. Moreover, families and individuals planning to install a water heater in their home would like to find the different models which are available. They will then compare the features, prices, and other aspects of each Joven heater to choose a suitable water heater for their home. The specifications of the most popular models of Joven storage water heater in Singapore are described in detail below.


Joven JVA Series

The Joven JVA heater series consists of storage water heaters that are mounted vertically, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms. The preset temperatures for these storage heaters can be adjusted according to the requirement of the user – between low, medium, and high. The water heater also has a provision for temperature display. The water heater has a tank and heating element which is made from stainless steel to prevent it from getting rusted which may lead to water heater leakage. The water heater can be used for supplying water to multiple rooms and bathrooms. These water heaters have multiple water heater safety features – like pressure relief, drain valve, thermostat cutoff, and thermal cutoff.

Joven Storage Water Heater JVA25 


The Joven Storage Water Heater – JVA 25 is a vertically mounted storage heater from Joven with a capacity of 25 liters which is ideal for one shower. This water heater is perfect for smaller families with only one bathroom. The water heater preset temperature can be adjusted to low, medium, or high depending on the requirement. SUS304 grade stainless steel is used for both the heater tank and heating elements to prevent corrosion. It has multiple safety features and is coated with Polyurethane insulation foam that helps prevent heat loss and increase energy efficiency of the water heater. The temperature display is provided and energy consumption at 240 V is 3 KW.

Joven Storage Water Heater JVA50


Joven Storage Water Heater JVA50 is a high capacity storage water heater designed for vertical mounting. The water heater capacity of 50 litres makes it ideal for two showers simultaneously or one rain shower. It is suitable for larger families and homes with multiple bathrooms. The heater has the other features of the Joven JVA series heaters – such as temperature display, adjustable temperature, foam insulation to reduce heat loss of your Joven water heater as well as multiple safety features. The amount of time taken for heating water depends on the preset temperature and inlet temperature. The heater uses a 240 V power supply, rated at 3 KW.


Joven JH Series 

The Joven JH water heater series consists of water heaters (e.g., Joven Storage Water Heater 50L) which are horizontally mounted in the bathroom or other rooms. These water heaters are suitable for rooms with a low ceiling. There are additional variations in the JH series which use the Joven heat elevator (HE) technology – for 20% energy savings.

These are some of the most popular water heaters in Singapore and are available in different capacities. They have features such as stainless steel tank, heating element, polyurethane foam that reduces heat loss, hot water temperature till 70c, and a power rating of 3 KW. The Joven water heaters in this series have multiple safety features like thermostat cutoff, thermal cutout, and pressure relief, and drain valve.

Joven Storage Water Heater JH15


The Joven Storage Water Heater JH15 is the smallest horizontally mounted storage water heater and is usually fixed for kitchen sinks where hot water is required. It is a compact heater with all features of the Joven storage water heater series. The JH15 model uses heat elevator technology and is energy efficient.

Joven Storage Water Heater JH25


Joven Storage Water Heater JH25 is one of the most popular water heaters in Singapore since it is affordable and has various safety features (e.g., pressure relief valve, thermal cutout, and thermostat cutoff) – things to consider when you are buying a new storage heater. The Joven Storage Water Heater JH25 has a capacity of 25 litres and it can be used for one shower or one kitchen sink at a time. The JH25 is one of the more energy efficient variants.

Joven Storage Water Heater JH35

Joven Storage Water Heater JH35 has a capacity of 35 litres. Since it has a larger capacity, it can be used with a shower and kitchen sink together or a rain shower. Like other heaters in this series, the design will prevent heat loss, corrosion and it has multiple safety features.



There are various Joven water heaters series and each series cater to the various needs of a household. If they want a smaller capacity water heater, they can purchase the JH25 or JH15. For those who want a bigger capacity water heater, they can opt for JH35 or JVA50. If you are planning to buy as well as install a Joven Water Heater, do consider engaging a water heater professional like Water Heater City Singapore to ensure that your water heater installation is done properly.


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