Top Rheem Water Heater Models in Singapore

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Rheem water heater is one of the most popular brands of water in Singapore due to the fact that it has excellent quality and affordable price across all models or water heater types like a storage water heater or an instant water heater that they offer. Most homeowners in Singapore consider the water heater features or if that water heater unit can fit a compact space.

Every feature of a Rheem water heater is described totally in detail below to help you with your Rheem water heater buying guide.


Popular models

In Singapore, most homeowners purchase Rheem storage water heaters because it is easier to install and has affordable prices. The most top picks for the Rheem storage water heater models are described below in detail:

Rheem 85VP6S Storage Water Heater 6 Gallon 

Rheem 85VP6S has a capacity of 6 US gallons or 23 liters, making it the most undersized heater in the series. It is a high-performance heater with a low operating cost. The heating element is made from stainless steel with a rating of 1.5 KW. The storage heater is ideal for smaller spaces and is vertically mounted. The storage water heater has an automatic thermostat that keeps water at the specified temperature, reducing the power consumption. The thermal cut-out prevents overheating of the water and scalding which is common for faulty water heaters. The pressure and a temperature relief valve are provided in order to avoid pressure and temperature in the storage heater from exceeding the safety limit. The heater diameter is 400 mm, and the height is 390 mm.

Rheem 65SVP10S


The Rheem 65SVP10S storage heater is designed for a 10 US gallon capacity or 38 liters, making it ideal for small families. The heater has low running costs and high efficiency. The thermal cutout temperature relief valve and automatic thermostat will ensure that the water temperature does not exceed the specified limit, preventing scalding. To ensure that the pressure does not exceed 150 psi or 10 bar, a pressure relief valve is also provided that meets your expectations on what water heater features your water heater should have. The heating element used is made from stainless steel and is rated at 3 KW for a voltage of 240 volts. A magnesium anode rod is provided for increasing the lifespan of the heater. The storage water heater dimensions for 65svp10s are 400 mm(diameter) X 445 mm (height).


Rheem Storage Heaters ideal For Compact Bathrooms

Rheem EH25M 


Rheem EH 25M is the most popular water heater from the Rheem water heater, with millions of heaters installed worldwide. For insulation, the heater has a jacket made from epoxy colorbond and polyurethane foam which is CFC-free. The anode rod is made from magnesium that helps in reducing corrosion. The heating element material used in the Rheem storage water heater is Incoloy 800, rated at 3 KW at 240 volt supply. The heater is mounted horizontally on the wall using an installation bracket supplied with the heater. The dual thermal controls are mounted on the heater’s inner tank that regulates the temperature and increases its energy efficiency. A pressure & temperature relief valve is provided to prevent damage caused by overheating that could lead to future water heater issues like water heater leaks. The EH25M dimensions are 370 mm diameter, 450 mm length. 

Rheem EHG 30


Rheem EHG30 electric storage water heater has a capacity of 30 liters. It has universal connections, with a universal mounting bracket that it can be easily installed. To reduce corrosion, the inner tank has a coating of vitreous enamel. The polyurethane foam is coated with an epoxy jacket for better heat retention as well as reducing the heating time, and better energy savings with this installed storage water heater. The valve for pressure relief includes a check valve to ensure that pressure remains below the safety limit. The thermal cutout provided ensures that there is no overheating of water, which could cause scalding of skin. Since the immersion-type thermostat used in the heater is adjustable, the user can set the water temperature to the desired levels. The pipes used for water connection are enamel coated for better protection against common water heater problems like corrosion. Indicator lights are provided to show whether the water heater is on or off. The heating element used is Incoloy 840 for faster 

Rheem EHG 40


The approximate time taken to heat up a Rheem EHG 40 to 60’C is at the inlet water temperature of 25’C. A pressure relief valve provides protection against excessive water pressure. The pressure relief valve allows the tank to be manually drained off to facilitate servicing. This Rheem storage water heater has an adjustable thermostat with temperature protection which is a safety device that automatically and safely cuts off the power in the event the preset temperature exceeds to prevent scalding by hot water. The thermostat conserves electricity by cutting off the power supply to the heater once it has reached the preset temperature. The Installation space for this storage water heater has a horizontal layout implemented by using universal brackets for both wall or ceiling mounting. All brackets and mounting accessories are included. The servicing service panel on the side of the heater facilitates easy access for maintenance and servicing. Lastly, the on/off Indicator light shows the cut in/cut out of the heating element.



Rheem water heater is proven to be one of the top water heater brands in Singapore due to the fact that they provide one-of-a-kind water heater types that are made and crafted for your needs. There are a lot of Rheem water heater models to choose from like the Rheem EH Series, but the final decision should come from you. If you are having a hard time choosing a water heater to install, it is important to get in touch with a trustworthy water heater provider like Water Heater City Singapore.


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