Ultimate Guide to Joven Water Heater Price

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At the end of the day, nothing can make you feel relaxed as a nice hot shower. To enjoy a hot shower, however, you need to use a water heater. When it comes to water heaters, there are many to choose from in Singapore. However, one brand that has gained huge popularity and its fame keep on growing is the Joven water heater

A Joven water heater offers all that you expect from a high-quality water heater. It heats water efficiently and quickly. It looks pleasing and will surely last you for a very long time. 

Before you have a water heater installation done for a Joven water heater, the one thing you would certainly want to know about it is its price. Here is the ultimate guide to Joven’s water heater price: 

Purchase Price

Joven JH Horizontal Series


The JH Horizontal series of Joven storage water heaters are available in different capacities: JH 15 (15 liters), JH 25 (25 liters), JH 35 (35 liters), JH 50 (50 liters), JH 68 (68 liters), and JH 91 (91 liters). 

Each of these water heaters has a rust-free stainless steel heater tank, a triple safety system, dual indicator light, and a heat elevator. The benefit of purchasing Joven water heaters is that they are energy-efficient and energy-saving appliances that will match the needs of your household perfectly. 

Joven JVA Vertical Series


The Joven JVA series is known for its fast heating performance and has one of the top Joven storage heater models. It is energy efficient and has an adjustable heating temperature that will help you save electricity. It also has a high-quality stainless steel tank and comes with a 10-year leak warranty. 

Installation Cost

Installation of Storage Heaters in HDB Flats 

What you should know about storage water heaters that you find in HDB flats is that they are usually exposed installations. Hence, you can easily see them and get them replaced with a new one.  If you plan to get a different water heater product and model installed, then you will also have to get the water pipes rerouted, and this will cost you extra money. 

Installation of Storage Heaters Above False Ceiling


In private properties, like commercial buildings, apartments, landed houses, and condominiums, the A thing to note during a water heater installation is that in private properties, like commercial buildings, apartments, landed houses, and condominiums, storage water heaters are usually located above the false ceiling. 

Replacing a storage water heater above a false ceiling is more complicated as it is not easy to access the area. If you opt for a small water heater with a capacity of around 15-20 liters, then chances are the water heater can be brought down without having to enlarge your access panel.  If pipe modifications will be required, it is recommended to check with the installer as there will be extra charges.

Installation of Big Capacity Storage Heaters Above False Ceiling

If the capacity of your storage water heater is too big, which can be the case if you have installed a bathtub, then a larger area of your false ceiling will need to be cut open to bring your water heater down. Certain water heaters are installed in very confined spaces like right above the shower screen. If that is the case, then other modifications will need to be done. For instance, the shower screen will have to be removed before completing the installation task. These are points to note on installing a water heater.

Your installation charges will also depend on the company you select. A company with experts that has minimal charges and offers excellent services, is among the things to look out for when choosing a water heater installer.  

In addition, a reputable company should have highly experienced professionals who have installed water heaters in many homes in Singapore. No matter where your present water heater is located, they should be able to replace it with a new Joven water heater easily, quickly, and efficiently with minimal charges. 

Various Factors That Affect Joven Heater Prices


Multi-Point System for the Entire Home

One of the features that affect the Joven water heater price is the multipoint system for your entire home. With great expertise and amazing innovation, the Joven storage water heater has become the perfect solution for luxurious hot water baths. Whether you want to use your basin, rain shower, jacuzzi, bathtub, or even kitchen sink, the Joven storage water heater is the best solution. This is why the Joven series is so popular in Singapore

Heat Elevator Technology

The heat elevator technology used by Joven will also have an impact on the Joven water heater price. What you should know about Joven’s heat elevator technology is that it is the first innovation in the world wherein a patent-pending magnetic device is used to speed up heat stratification and heat transfer in water. This helps support faster heating to a maximum temperature, thus helping save electricity. 

Short Heating Time 

The heat elevator technology reduces heating time and helps save energy by 20 percent. It even improves heating efficiency with the help of connective heat stratification and transfer. 

Temperature Display

The temperature control of Joven water heaters enables thermostatic control between High (70 degrees celsius), Med (55 degrees celsius), and Low (35 degrees Celsius) along with the temperature display. 


Every Joven water heater is built using high-quality material that withstands rupture, rust, and common water heater problems, thus ensuring great durability and amazing performance. This particular feature you get to enjoy has an effect on the Joven water heater price. 

Long Lasting Heat

Thanks to the high-density CFC-free Polyurethane Insulation Foam, heat in the Joven water heater stays much longer. Once the temperature reaches a maximum of 70 degrees, any heat loss is prevented. It stays that way for around 20 hours or more before the temperature reaches 55 degrees and heating is reactivated. This is a feature to have in a brand-new water heater

Safety Features


Thermostat Safety Cut-Off

The auto thermostat of your Joven water heater will cut off the temperature at around 70 degrees. This will help you save a lot of energy. 

Thermal Cut-Off

Due to this thermal cut-off, the current will be cut off at 95 degrees celsius. This will prove to be very helpful as it will prevent the heating element from dry-burning in case there is a thermostat failure and there is no cut-off at 70 degrees celsius. This water heater safety feature that Joven water heater allows you to enjoy does affect its price. 

Pressure Relief & Drain Valve

The pressure relief and drain valve of Joven water heater products is known to release the pressure that is built up from the tanks over 8 ± 1 bars



Every homeowner enjoys having a nice hot shower after a long day at work. To achieve that, they must install a water heater in their home. There are a lot of water heater products in the market, but one of the best-selling water heater brands in Singapore is the Joven water heater. It is expected that the homeowner would like to know the price of Joven water heaters before they purchase one. 

The type or series of the Joven water heater product, installation cost, and safety features are just some of the factors that can affect the price of Joven water heaters. It is recommended to engage a professional from Water Heater City Singapore to install your chosen Joven water heater. Our group of professionals is skilled and knowledgeable to do the water heater installation effectively. They also offer various reliable water heater services

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