Rated Rating 3.3kW
VOLTAGE 230V a.c
WEIGHT 1.6kg
DIMENSION 215 x 390 x 104mm
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707 Protek Instant Water Heater

The Protek combines the warming assurance of 707’s heritage with the cool sophistication of modern heater design. This feature-rich unit delivers impressive safety performance, featured with Earth Leaking Sensing Device, overheat warning, and anti-scald protection. It also houses a distinctive massage shower-head to create an instantly pleasurable shower for you and your family.





Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions 61 × 25 × 11 cm
Rated Rating 3.3kW
Voltage 230V a.c
Inlet & Outlet Water Connection 1/2’BSP
Minimum Water Flow Rate 2L/Min
Minimum Inlet Water Pressure 0.1MPa (1 Bar)
Maximum Inlet Water Pressure 0.3MPa (3 Bar)
Product Weight 1.6kg
Product Dimension 215 x 390 x 104mm


Copper Class Tank

Features a superior copper tank, built to last for reliable performance and comfort.

Stepless Power Selector

Provides precision control over water temperature so you can adjust to your liking seamlessly.

Earth Leaking Sensing Device

Our safety system cuts off power supply in the event leakage current is detected.

Temperature Flow Control

The perfect shower requires the perfect ratio of water flow for your desired temperature. This smart feature ensures a luxurious experience.

Anti-Scald Protection

Our safety system cuts off power when the water temperature rises to scalding level.

Overheat Warning Indicator

Always keep your family safe, knowing that you’ll be alerted in the event water is overheated.

IP25 Splash Proof

The internal circuitry of each heater is isolated by sturdy, splash-proof casing.

Massage Shower Set

Each heater is equipped with a luxurious massage shower set for a luxurious shower experience.

5 Year Warranty

5 year warranty on Tank. Enjoy full support from local customer service centre.

2 Year Warranty

2 year warranty on Service. Enjoy full support from local customer service centre.

2 Year Warranty

2 year warranty on Part. Enjoy full support from local customer service centre.