Water Heater Issues And Why You Should Install A Rheem Water Heater

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Having problems with your instant or storage water heater is always burdensome. Besides depriving you of a comfortable bath, they can also cause you to have high utility bills. You may also get distracted by issues such as odd noises and leaks. 

Fortunately, understanding how common water heater issues develop can help you avoid similar inconveniences in the future. Afterward, you can install a Rheem water heater as it provides numerous benefits. 

The following are common water heater problems in Singapore:

Common Water Heater Problems

When comparing storage water heaters vs instant water heaters, there are a number of water heater issues that are similar. We discuss what these are and how a Rheem water heater can resolve them.

No Hot Water


It is not uncommon for some shower taps to have delays when releasing hot water. Take note that some water heaters do take a while to produce hot water for the homeowner’s usage. As such, it isn’t necessarily a sign of a faulty water heater. However, if you do not have any hot water at all, your water heater might have a corroded heating element. This means that the heater is unable to transfer enough heat to the water supply and may need to be replaced.

The Rheem EHG 40 Electric Storage Water Heater contains a high performance Incoloy immersion heating element. Rheem proudly advertises that this technology helps to ensure faster heating, protect against corrosion, and withstand high temperatures. As such, you will no longer have to worry about not having enough hot water from your taps. 

Extremely Hot Water


If the water from your showerhead or shower taps is too hot, you may simply need to lower your water heater’s temperature. If the issue continues to persist, however, it is possible that you have a defective thermostat. This is a common water heater problem. It is important to have this issue resolved right away as it poses a substantial risk of scalding. You can do so by having your water heater replaced with a Rheem water heater. 

In case you’re experiencing extremely hot water, one of the best water heaters you can install is the Rheem EH-25M Storage Water Heater. This heater comes with a Robertshaw surface mounted thermostat with an over-temperature cutout switch. By installing it therefore, you can prevent exceedingly high water temperatures while showering as well as scalding.

Water Heater Leaks

There can be many reasons behind a leaking water heater. Among the most common ones would be corrosion after an extended period of usage. When the water heater begins to corrode, its inner lining can break down and cause a leak to develop. Ignoring this issue can be a reason why your leaking water heater can cause high water bills. Thus, it is best to have it resolved at once through a water heater replacement.

When choosing a new water heater to replace your leaking water heater, the Rheem Xwell XC-30 Cube Classic Storage Water Heater is highly recommended. Since the inner lining of its tank is coated with RheemGlas vitreous enamel, rapid corrosion is less likely to occur. This then helps to prevent any water heater leaks from recurring.

Odd Noises

One thing you didn’t know about water heaters is they can start emitting strange noises when certain issues are present. One such issue could be a defective pressure relief valve. Normally, this tends to hiss when releasing excess pressure from the heater. However, the hissing noise can become excessive if the valve is defective and not able to handle high levels of pressure. You may want to opt for a Rheem water heater installation when this happens.

A Rheem Storage Water Heater – Vertical Model 38L is built with a UL approved combined temperature and pressure relief (TPR) safety valve. This valve is built to release excess pressure at levels of 0.98Mpa and above. As a result, you will no longer have to worry about constant hissing from your heater. 

Rusty and Foul-Smelling Hot Water


The anode rod’s function is to protect the water heater against corrosion, a common cause of water heater failure. Though if the water heater has been in use for a long time, the anode rod can itself corrode causing the heater to rapidly deteriorate. This leads to the hot water supply becoming contaminated and the shower taps releasing rusty water. At the same time, the sulphate used to filter the water reacts with the metal which leads to a foul odour. Both these issues are major signs you need a new water heater installed.

Among the water heaters with a more durable anode rod is the Rheem Xwell XS-30 Slim Classic Storage Water Heater. The water heater’s high quality RheemHD+ sacrificial anode rod can better protect against corrosion. For this reason, installing it in your home allows you to have a steady supply of clean and odour-free hot water.

Low Hot Water Pressure


If you are experiencing low hot water pressure, then you may need to adjust your storage water heater’s pressure relief valve. Another issue you might be encountering with your storage water heater causing low pressure is sediment buildup due to a corroded anode rod. If you find that these issues are not present but still feel that the hot water pressure is too low for your liking, contact a professional to do an inspection.

In case you want stronger water pressure while showering, you can opt to install the Rheem RTLE-33P Platinum Electric Instant Water Heater. With its whisper-quiet DC pump, you will experience a more powerful shower with minimal noise. 


Some common water heater problems include a lack of hot water, extremely hot water, water heater leaks, low hot water pressure, as well as rusty and foul-smelling hot water. To prevent the negative effects of such issues, installing a Rheem storage water heater or instant heater is recommended. 

The top Rheem water heater models in Singapore can prevent common heater problems. This is because they have modern features like an Incoloy immersion heating element, Robertshaw surface mounted thermostat, RheemGlas vitreous enamel, whisper-quiet DC pump, and RheemHD+ sacrificial anode rod. 

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