Water Heater Leak: Causes And How Can Installing A 707 Water Heater Prevent This?

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A water heater is an essential household item in Singapore, since it allows us to use hot water whenever we need it. If you are not maintaining your water heater properly, it will eventually have problems. A leaking water heater is one of the common issues faced by homeowners. If you do not engage with leaking water heater services, it can damage your home or even cause serious accidents. 

Before hiring a professional, it is important to know the causes of water heater leaks. If you are looking to replace your leaking water heater, consider 707 water heaters as they have many benefits to offer

Causes Of Water Heater Leaks

To understand why is your water heater leaking, we have listed the following causes of water heater leaks:

Old Water Heater Tank


Storage water heaters and instant water heaters are designed to last for a long period of time. If your water heater is more than 15 years old, your water heater’s components can be defective. Over time, corrosion will develop and once it gets severe, your water heater tank will start to leak. 

This is a clear indicator that you should replace your water heater. Consider replacing it with a 707 water heater as they are built with high-quality tanks (copper class tank and blue enamel coated tank) which makes them highly durable and last over a long period of time


Defective Drain Valve

When there are maintenance visits or when replacing a water heater, the plumber or yourself may have used the drain valve to drain the tank. The valve will loosen, and another type of water heater leak will then occur. You can re-tighten the valve to stop the leaks, however if the source of the leak is from the base of the valve, then replacing the valve is what you need to do. 


Too Much Pressure

Too much pressure inside the storage water heater tank is another reason behind a leaking water heater. Did you know that a water heater handles a lot of natural water pressure? Therefore, when the hot water releases of the steam and occupies the empty space, it creates pressure. If there is not enough space in the water heater tank for the steam to be released, it will then cause excessive pressure.

The water heater will start to leak through cracks or holes just to release the pressure. Therefore, a common water heater mistake you should avoid is setting the temperature too high as the pressure will increase and leaks may occur. You may consider installing a water heater from 707 as they have a safety feature in which it cuts off power supply if the temperature rises to an unsafe level. 

Malfunctioning Temperature and Relief Valve

A thing you did not know about water heaters is that a malfunctioning temperature and relief valve can also cause water leaks. The T&P valve is responsible for releasing the pressure inside the tank. In case the valve malfunctions, the pressure inside the water heater will increase. If the valve is detached, re-tightening them is what you need to do. However, if the valve itself is faulty, then replacement is required. 

Before solving the problem, it is important to reduce the water heater tank pressure. Do remember that a water heater may leak if it is running, and this might be due to a faulty relief valve. This is because the valve releases excess water from the water heater when it is heating. Therefore, water leaking from the relief valve when you are using your water heater is normal. If you want to know if your water heater is leaking, then switch off the water heater. If the leaks persist, then the relief valve is malfunctioning.

Inlet and Outlet Connections Are Loosened


The inlet connection is where cold water enters, and the outlet connection is where the hot water comes out. These connections can eventually get loose and cause water heater leaks. 


Internal Tank Issues

An informative walkthrough on electric water heaters is that the water heater tank requires two shells (covered with a layer of metal) to complete the whole process. The internal shell stores the water, and the external shell covers the internal shell. 

Water heater leaks may occur inside the shell but it might be difficult to spot them. Although, most cases of water leaks are because of decay and algae, which you will not be able to detect outside of the tank.

The 707 storage water heater tanks (e.g. 707 Kensington 25 storage water heater and 707 Kensington 35 storage water heater) are durable since they are protected with a blue coated enamel tank making it durable. 

Cracked Storage Water Heater Tank

A thing you should know about storage water heaters is that there are some storage heaters that come with an extra tank so that it can hold more water. When water is being heated, it will start to expand. This in turn may cause the glass lining to crack in which water heater leaks will occur. 

In case the glass is cracked, a water heater replacement maybe required. Consider installing a 707 water heater since its made up of a blue enamel coated tank which is highly durable.

Anode Rod Is Corroded


Do take note that an anode rod allures corrosive substances and this makes your water heater safe. However, over time, the anode rod will be corroded eventually. This may lead to you experiencing water heater issues. Water leaks will then occur where the anode rod is placed before. 

If you are looking to replace your water heater, consider opting for 707 water heaters. They have a blue enamel coated heating element – making it highly resistant to corrosion and very durable. This is one of the reasons to buy a good quality 707 water heater




Condensation may make you believe that it is a sign of a faulty water heater (e.g. water heater leaking) although there is nothing wrong. When the cold water goes into the tank, condensation will occur when the air outside is hot. To address this issue, you just need to wipe down your water heater. 



A water heater that is not properly maintained and used is prone to leaks. If you ignore these leaks, then it will cause water heater failure, because your water heater will eventually malfunction. However, if the water heater leaks are persistent even after a series of repairs, then this is when you should replace your water heater with a 707 water heater. Owing to its safe and advanced features, 707 water heaters are one of the preferred brands by many families in Singapore. 

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