Water Heater Leaks: Reasons and Why Replace It With An Ariston Water Heater?

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Water heaters play an important role in every household in Singapore. It provides homeowners with hot water for showering everyday. 

No matter which water heater brand you choose, problems can occur if it is not maintained properly. One of the most common water heater problems is a leaking water heater. When ignored, leaks can damage your walls, floors, or pose a safety hazard.

Hence, it is very important to replace or repair a leaking water heater immediately. Before calling a plumber, you need to know why there is a water heater leak in the first place. Let us discover the different causes of a water heater leak.

Rusty Water Heater Tank

Water heaters are very durable, allowing them to last for a very long time. However, you may still observe signs of faulty water heater if it is more than 15 years old. 

Water heaters have anode rods to protect them from corrosion. However, over time, this anode rod can deteriorate and no longer offer protection to the rest of the water heater. This causes rusting, eventually resulting in cracks that the water leaks out from. This is a sign that you need to perform a water heater replacement.

The Ariston brand is well known for producing high-quality water heaters like the Ariston Andris Slim SL2 20 RS Storage Water Heater (20L). They are the first company to introduce the magnesium anode technology to their water heater, which are effective and economical corrosion fighters.

Sediment Build Up

A rusting water heater component can result in sediment settling at the bottom of the water heater tank. When the sediment is resuspended, they can damage the internal lining of the water heater tank valves, or pipes.

An Ariston water heater (e.g. Ariston Andris 2 30 LUX Storage Water Heater AN2LUX-30L) is equipped with a mineral barrier against sediments, which they call titanshield technology. Thanks to titanium’s unique properties, it produces a dioxide film that prevents it from forming on the inner surface of the tank.  

Faulty Valve

There can be multiple causes behind a water heater leak. It might be because the drain valve or the T&P (temperature and pressure) relief valve is faulty.  In some cases, the valve or the inlet and outlet connection that allows hot water to pass through water fixtures might come loose and cause a water leak. To fix this, you can simply re-tighten it. However, if the valve on your instant or storage water heater is faulty, then you have to get it replaced.

The aforementioned TP valve is a common safety mechanism on water heaters. This allows for the safe venting of excess water and pressure from the tank as it heats up. Keep in mind that it is normal when you notice water coming out from the relief valve when the water heater is on. However, the valve itself may be faulty, which causes it to leak water abnormally. You will know if your water heater is leaking, when leaking still occurs despite the water heater not being in use.

Ariston storage water heaters like Ariston Pro RS J Storage Water Heater – 35L have valves that are made up of corrosion-resistant material. Its relief valve is designed to support a specific maximum temperature and a calibration system to regulate its operating pressure.


High Pressure

Another common cause of a leaking water heater is excessive pressure in the tank. Steam is produced when the water is heated. This can cause a build-up of pressure within the installed water heater. Constant high pressure stresses the internal lining of the water heater tank, which can cause cracks to form and water to leak. 

Ariston water heaters like the Ariston Pro RS J Storage Water Heater – 50L are great in this regard for they come with a safety valve that allows safe venting of excess pressure.



It is important to know the common water heater issues and maintenance to further increase your water heater’s life span. Of the issues, a water heater leak is a common problem that homeowners experience. It can be due to a different reason like rusting components, accumulated sediments inside your tank, a loose valve, or cracks on your water heater due to high pressure from the steam. A failure to address any of these reasons may lead to serious damages to your home like flooding, furniture damage, or even safety hazards like slipping. 

If you are experiencing leaks from your installed water heater, you can contact Water Heater City to deal with this issue. Our staff are all well trained to know the best corrective measure to recommend for your current water heater leak issue.

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