What Are Some Common Water Heater Installation Mistakes?

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Most people spend time and money looking for the best storage water heater or instant water heater for their home because they need hot water for bathing, showering, running the washer and dishwasher, and for other purposes. Even though the homeowner may want to pick the least expensive service provider for the water heater installation, the service provider may not have well-trained experienced staff. This can result in mistakes during the water heater installation. Some of the issues that arise when professionals make mistakes during water heater installation are discussed in detail below.

Contaminated Hot Water Supply


The technician often sets the required temperature for the water to be heated during heater installation. Health issues for family members will arise if the temperature of the water is not high enough to prevent the growth of disease-causing germs. Even though setting the temperature too high is a common water heater mistake that you should avoid, you should also be mindful whether the technician sets your water heater’s temperature just enough. 

Also, if the technician does not flush the water tank to remove the dirt and mineral deposits in the tank, bacteria may flourish in the water causing bad odours. Inexperienced workers may also place the heater near rusty pipes or other dirt sources, potentially contaminating the water with rust and bacteria. So, if the water is cloudy or has a bad odour, it must be contaminated with bacteria, rust, and other debris. This is also a good reason why you should hire a professional to install your water heater

Water Leaks 


There are a number of reasons behind leaking water heaters, and water installation errors can be one. The job of installing a water heater is complicated since it requires knowledge of electrical wiring, plumbing, gas, and water systems. Water heater leaking or gas leaks, sparks, short circuits, and power supply issues might result from even the smallest error in the wiring or plumbing connection. The heater may not leak water right away in certain circumstances, but a leak may appear after a few weeks or months. In certain instances, the water leaking may also result in structural damage. The water leakage may also allow mould and mildew to grow which can be unhealthy.

Erratic Water Temperature 

Inconsistent water temperature is a sign of a faulty water heater. Although, it could also mean that the water heater was improperly installed. It can be uncomfortable to take a bath in some circumstances because of the low temperature. Waiting for the water to heat up can be time-consuming. In other instances, scalding, burns, and even death is caused by the water’s fluctuating or extremely high temperature. It can result in severe burns that take a long time to cure. To prevent more issues related to temperature, you may read more in this article about why you should lower your water heater’s temperature

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A new water heater installation procedure involves several components that demand close attention. The simplest approach to guarantee that your water heater installation is completed with the highest accuracy and safety is to consult a reputable plumbing agency. Over time, the peace of mind that such a service provides may prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Mistakes in the installation of storage water heaters can occur for a variety of causes and in many different ways. The good news is that you don’t have to take the chance of waiting for something to go wrong. Contact us right away, and we’ll be happy to demonstrate how we can prevent plumbing issues from ever occurring in the first place.

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