What Are The Common Water Heater Problems And How Installing An Ariston Water Heater Prevent Such Problems?

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It is definitely frustrating when cold water is coming out of your shower rather than hot water. There are also cases wherein your water heater is producing sounds. If you notice that there is something unusual with your water heater, then it might have some issues. We will discuss with you the common water heater problems, and why you should replace your water heater with an Ariston water heater

Common Water Heater Problems

Singaporean homeowners typically have to weigh the pros and cons of storage vs instant water heaters. Both types share several common water heater problems, which we will be covering below: 

     1. Water Is Not Heated

Your water heater may be taking quite some time to dispense hot water. This is relatively minor, as compared to situations where there is no hot water dispensed whatsoever

There are many contributing factors to this issue. It could be a faulty thermostat, or a corroded heating element. You may want to find out more about the reasons why your water heater is corroding to prevent it from happening to you.

If you want to have hot showers every day, consider installing an Ariston Andris Slim SL2 20 RS Storage Water Heater (20L) as it is proven to provide hot water whenever you need. Ariston water heaters are designed to provide comfort, that is why they ensure that hot water will only be produced whenever needed.

     2. Excessive Hot Water


If the water coming out from the shower or tap is very hot, it can be due to a wrong temperature and pressure settings. It can also be because of a defective pressure valve or malfunctions to other components. To prevent this from happening, you should opt for an Ariston water heater. Their products have an integrated anti-scalding feature which will prevent them from exceeding to an unsafe level. 

     3. Water Leaks


There are several reasons behind a leaking water heater such as excessive pressure, insufficient plumbing, corrosion, faulty components, and more. When water heater leaks happen, it is advisable to call for a water heater professional as they are skilled and knowledgeable. The professional will then see if he needs to replace a water heater part or if your leaking water heater needs to be replaced

In case you need to replace your current water heater, consider installing an Ariston water heater. It is safe and durable by having the finest parts and features, so you will not be concerned about having water heater leaks in the long run.

     4. Strange Noises

You may be wondering why is your water heater is making a hissing noise or producing other unusual sounds. This can be because of the accumulation of scale substance on the heating element. It can also be due to water leaks, high pressure, pipe issues. 

If you do not want this to happen, then opt for a best-selling water heater brand like Ariston water heater. It is built with high-quality parts which prevents your water heater from producing unusual sounds.

     5. Water Is Discoloured


If you noticed that the water is brownish, it can be due to a faulty anode rod or bacteria buildup. This is when you should replace your water heater. Replacing it with an Ariston water heater is an ideal solution because you can get access to clean water. Ariston water heater models like the Ariston AN2RS15L Storage Water Heater AN15R have a AG+ cartridge technology. This prevents bacteria growth in the water tank. Additionally, the parts of Ariston water heaters will not be faulty since they are made with high-quality components. 

     6. Poor Water Pressure


One thing you did not know about water heaters is that a small piping can block the water supply. This reduces the output pressure. The only solution is to replace it with a bigger piping to boost the pressure. Sediment buildup within the pipes, and water leaks can also be the reasons behind poor water pressure. 

Installing an Ariston water heater can help rectify this issue as they are reliable in providing excellent water pressure. Each component is carefully made to have a long-lasting performance to prevent issues such as poor water pressure.

     7. Water Has Foul Odor


You may be wondering “why does my water heater smell bad”? Well, it can be due to a reason such as bacterial growth within the storage water heater. In order for you not to experience this water heater issue, try installing an Ariston storage water heater (e.g. Ariston AN2RS15L Storage Water Heater AN15R). This water heater model has an AG+ cartridge technology that ensures zero development of bacteria inside the storage tank. Thus, it provides hygienic water usage. 


The common water heater problems may arise if you have plumbing issues, faulty water heater parts, or an old water heater. If there is only a minor problem like wrong temperature, then it can be fixed. However, if your current water heater is not in good condition, then it will call for a complete replacement. 

Replacing it with an Ariston water heater is highly recommended, especially by experts. The reason why Ariston water heaters are one of the top 3 best-selling water heater brands in Singapore is because they have a reputation for being high-quality, efficient, and safe. They are engineered to have long-lasting parts and advanced technological features. This means you can enjoy hot water usage even for a very long time without worrying about having issues. 

If you are interested in buying an Ariston water heater, you may give us a call at Water Heater City Singapore. Our professionals will help you in choosing the right model that is suitable for your home. They can also do the installation whenever you please. 

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