What Are The Pros And Cons Of Storage Heater

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In the last decade, more companies are selling tankless or instant water heaters in Singapore. Though a majority of Singapore homes have a storage water heater installed, many people who are purchasing a new water heater for their home or replacing the existing heater would like to compare the options available before making a decision. 

Here we have listed some of the pros and cons of getting a storage water heater installed, considering the space available, features, and price:


Inexpensive Installation 


If you are wondering how much it costs to install a storage water heater, then you should be aware that it is more inexpensive compared to an instant or gas heater. For the storage heater, only the electric wiring, and piping has to be connected and the heater has to be fixed on the wall. 

While there are many misconceptions about instant water heaters, their installation being more expensive is true. You will need to have more modifications in your bathroom, thus making it a more complex task.



In gas water heaters, some of the heat is lost in the form of heated gas, while in electric water heaters, almost all the electrical energy is converted to heat energy. 

Hence, the storage water heaters are more efficient compared to gas heaters. In addition to that, it has become significant to install energy efficient water heaters in Singaporean households because it can reduce the energy bill for heating. 

Easy Maintenance


The power source for the electric storage water heaters is electricity and if the wiring is done properly, there is very little maintenance required. In addition to that, newer models of storage water heaters have a maintenance panel at the side, which is easily accessed for maintenance. In comparison, gas heaters have an additional connection, and the possibility of gas leakage is higher.


Compared to gas powered water heaters which have additional piping for the gas supply, statistical data indicates that water heater safety is higher. It is also less likely to develop faults when it uses electrical wiring. The gas pipes are likely to develop leaks due to accidents or if they are not well maintained.


Most homes have an electric power supply available from the power grid for a large number of appliances, and lighting. Thus, making water heater installation easy. In contrast, most of homes do not have a gas supply. Piping is also required if a gas heater has to be installed, increasing the time and cost needed for the gas heater installation. 

The top three best-selling storage water heater brands also sell electric storage water heaters with varying designs, features, and prices. These electric heaters are available for sale online and offline, so it is easy to find a model that suits the space available and the buyer’s budget. 


Energy Loss 


One of the things the homeowners consider when choosing between instant water heaters versus storage water heaters is energy loss.

You may encounter an issue with your storage water heater regarding heat loss since it continues heating until your preset temperature is reached. However, better heaters have insulation to reduce the heat loss from the storage heater tank. 

There will still be some amount of heat loss which depends on the ambient temperature. Causing the energy bill to increase when heaters are used. 

Difficulty In Operating

While using the storage water heater and you notice that the water is not hot, you should be aware of the factors which may affect the duration of heating the water. A mistake that you should avoid is not knowing the time it takes to heat the water because if the water heater is switched on for a long time then energy consumption will be higher. 

Heating vs Storing

Instant water heaters only produce hot water when required, making it more efficient since there is no heat loss. This is one of the reasons to opt for instant water heater installation in Singapore.

When comparing a storage water heater vs. instant water heater, a storage heater has more heat loss because it stores hot water for a longer period of time. 



Even if you have knowledge on how to choose the right size of storage water heater for your needs at home, this can still be inconvenient if you are living in a small house. It will be difficult to find a space in tiny bathrooms to install a bulky storage water heater. 


Like any other appliance, installing a storage water heater has its own pros and cons. Hence, making the right decision can depend on the location in which it will be installed, and the needs of your family. If you need professional assistance, you should call Water Heater City Singapore. We do not only give the best service but we do it fast with no hidden charges!

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