What Are The Reasons Why Your Rubine Water Heater Is Leaking

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No homeowner enjoys the experience of a leaking Rubine water heater. Besides causing damage, it significantly increases utility bills and can be costly for water heater services to resolve.  It also deprives your household of a steady supply of hot water needed for showering. Fortunately, understanding how a Rubine water heater can start to leak will help you prevent it from recurring.  

The following are reasons why your Rubine water heater is leaking:


Corroded Water Heater Tank


Rubine water heaters are usually made of titanium enamel so that they don’t rapidly corrode. However, models that have been in use for a long time can easily leak because of the sacrificial anode rod. Although this is meant to prevent rusting and different types of water heater leaks, it can eventually deteriorate and fails to perform its function. You can often tell that a water heater is rusting if your shower tap releases rusty hot water. Once you detect this, consider it a sign to replace your water heater

Sediment Accumulation

A thing you didn’t know about water heaters, including those by Rubine, is that the deterioration of the anode rod deteriorates doesn’t just cause corrosion. In fact, it can also lead to sediment accumulating and settling at the bottom of the Rubine water heater. 

When water flow rapidly changes (for example, after a period of idleness), the larger sediments flowing through the drainage/outlet valves may cause damage to the Rubine water heater tank’s inner lining. Such damage results in a water heater leak which will need to be resolved through a leaking water heater replacement

Among the signs that your Rubine water heater is leaking is when it produces odd noises like crackling or popping. This would mean that the water stored by the heater is trapped underneath a pile of sediment and is struggling to pass through. 


Excess Pressure

Any object may explode if it receives too much pressure. This principle also applies to Rubine storage water heaters as excess pressure can be a reason behind a leaking water heater.

A Rubine water heater’s pressure relief valve protects against excess pressure by releasing water. However, any damage the valve sustains can cause it not to work properly. When this happens, the water heater receives more pressure than it can handle. This leads to the tank overheating which then results in the deterioration of different water heater components. Such damage eventually causes the Rubine water heater to leak which will need to be resolved through a storage water heater replacement



If your Rubine water heater is leaking, it may be due to various factors such as corrosion caused by long term usage. The leak may also be the result of the tank’s inner lining sustaining damage because of sediment getting stuck in the drainage/outlet valves. It may also be due to your water heater’s parts are deteriorating because of the tank overheating. For all these common water heater problems, engaging a professional to perform a water heater replacement is highly recommended.

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