What Are The Reasons Why Your Water Heater Is Not Hot And Why Should You Replace It With A 707 Water Heater

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You might have enjoyed the pleasure and comfort of the installation of your water heater, but do remember that neglecting to maintain it can still lead to your water heater deteriorating and eventually failing. The first signs of such a thing happening are usually a significant drop in your current water heater’s performance level.

Below are some reasons why your water heater isn’t working as it should. If you are facing any of the problems below, you can look into/consider installing a 707 water heater as they have features that makes buying them worthwhile.


Thermostat Errors

The most common water heater problem is an inability to prepare your showering water to a suitable water temperature. The first step you should take in such a scenario is checking if the thermostat on your water heater has been adjusted to that of a lower temperature. After all, one of your housemates might have read an article about why he/she should lower the water heater’s temperature and decided to follow suit.

Adjusting the temperature on the thermostat to the correct temperature would then be the solution to your problems, but if doing so still doesn’t fix the issue, you might need to contact a professional water heater technician to fix a broken water heater thermostat. The technician will advise on whether the situation requires you to replace or repair your water heater.


Insufficient Capacity

For users of storage water heaters, you might find the supply of hot water depleting at a fast rate. This is because the holding capacity of your water heater is simply insufficient for the hot water use of your household. In such a scenario, you should consider replacing your storage water heater with the 707 Kensington 35 Storage Water Heater.


Wear And Tear

Like all other devices nowadays, something you should know about storage water heaters is that its components can and will degrade over time. So, if your water heater suddenly dispenses less water or water of a lower temperature than usual, your current model of water heater might be reaching the end of its lifespan. This would be a good time for you to consider when you should replace your water heater.


Water Heater Leak


There are many different types of water heater leaks, and leakages from different regions can result in different outcomes. The key similarity would be that a leaking water heater will lead to higher water bills, and that it’s in need of a repair or replacement. One example of such a leak is an internal leak due to corrosion, which can cause your hot water to mix with cold, unheated water. This results in an overall lower water temperature in your shower. You can take preventive measures by taking the initiative to learn the reasons why your water heater is corroding.


Low Water Pressure

Another sign of a faulty water heater is a plummeting of the water pressure inside your water heater. This could be caused by an external leak and would greatly decrease the flow of hot water from your showers. The leaking water might also cause the pressure release valve of your water heater to fail, resulting in premature venting.


There Might Be Sediment Build Up

Another possible problem in your water heater might be sediment build-up in the heat exchanger or on the bottom of your water heater. This build-up inside your heater could possibly insulate your water supply from the heating element and prevent your water from reaching the temperature listed on the thermostat of your instant or storage water heater.

An important fact you should know about instant water heater installation is that your appliance needs regular professional maintenance. In a regular maintenance routine, the professional technician will flush out your water heater system to eliminate any sedimentary build-up. Furthermore, if any severe issues you may encounter with your storage water heater occur, your technician will manually scrape out any excess inside to ensure that your water heater will work again.


Why 707 water heaters?

707 water heaters is a proud homegrown brand. But this isn’t the only reason to buy a good quality 707 water heater. For example, you can find out how does buying a 707 instant water heater save you money. This means you get more bang for less bucks.

If you are looking for a new water heater, why not settle for a model like the 707 Princeton Instant Water Heater? You get to enjoy full support from the local customer service centre and a 5-year warranty on the tank. It also comes in a variety of colours, so do contact Water Heater City Singapore to check on the availability if you’ve made the decision.



There are many possible reasons for why your water heater isn’t working as it should, and you might have to pay as much attention to your water heater maintenance as you do when you look for a new water heater. The details could include the general decline of components, water heater leaks, sediment build-up, faulty or wrongly set thermostat, or even an insufficient water heater storage capacity.

Regardless, if you are having so many problems with your current heater, your best bet might be a new 707 water heater model. At Water Heater City Singapore, our technicians are eager to introduce you to all the nitty-gritty details you might want to be aware of in your current water heaters or advise you on how to take care of your next water heater. In any case, feel free to contact Water Heater City Singapore if you need help identifying or fixing problems should you need our assistance.


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