What Do You Know About Joven’s Heat Elevator Technology?

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One of the best feelings you would like to experience at your home after a long day of tedious work is a refreshing hot bath. However, this is only possible if you have installed a water heater at your property. Water heaters consume a considerable amount of electricity. It is important to get an energy-efficient water heater that can help reduce power consumption, thus lowering your monthly electric bills. The Joven water heater system features some of the best innovative green technology. This will significantly reduce the power consumption of your water heater regardless of how long you use them.


So, what is all about innovative green technology?


The Joven water heater includes a Heat Elevator technology – the world’s leading innovation to use magnetic fields to accelerate efficient heat transfusion in fluids. This technology significantly reduces the time to heat water. In addition, it improves the energy efficiency of your water heater by over 20% and ensures a smooth flow of uninterrupted hot water. Indeed, these energy efficient Joven water heaters have been recognized by popular certification bodies in Singapore and worldwide. The reduced energy consumption lowers your electricity bills significantly. In addition, it contributes to a greener and cleaner environment.


What is Heat Elevator?

Certain Joven water heaters have Heat Elevator technology – one of the features that you can consider when buying a new water heater. Heat Elevator technology uses a magnetic device to fade the bonding forces in fluids. This is achieved by accelerating the movement of molecules in liquids and improving heating efficiency by about 20% which results in reduced heating time.

There are several benefits of using Heat Elevator technology in your water heater system. They include:

  • The technology lowers electric consumption by 20%.
  • It enhances the energy efficiency of your water heating device by 20%.
  • Boosts convectional heat transfer of the water molecules and heat stratification.
  • It contributes to the weakening of intermolecular bonding energy in water – increasing the movement speed of heated fluid molecules, thus reducing the heating time.

It is essential to note that the heating duration varies from one tank capacity to another based on the water storage capacity – for 15 litres water tank size such Joven storage water heater JH15  or 91 litres water tank size like Joven Electric JH 91L storage water heater.


Which are the main features of Joven’s heat elevator technology?


  • The inner tanks are made using stainless steel to ensure that they will not corrode.
  • The slim horizontal tank design saves space. It also has an epoxy powder coating paint applied on the outer side of the metal tank.
  • It includes a 10 year leakproof warranty for the inner tank.
  • 100% secure and safe device reinforced by the device triple safety mechanisms, namely:
  1. A thermostat cut-out

The thermostat control function is designed to cut off additional water heating when water attains the optimum heating temperature of 70°C. This feature not only ensures the safety of your water heater unit but also minimizes power wastage – saving your electricity bills.

  1. Thermal fuse

This thermal cut-off function is designed to stop the heating element from heating water once the water temperature reaches 95°C. This function is meant to prevent the Joven water heater from experiencing dry-burn if the thermostat fails to cut off further water heating beyond 70°C.

  1. Safety pressure control valve

The function is designed to release extra pressure build-up from the tank beyond 8 bars.


How Does a Heat Elevator Work?


As mentioned above, the Heat Elevator (HE) of your installed Joven water heater utilizes magnetic technology to weaken the intermolecular bonds in fluids, increasing the movement rate of the molecules in the liquid being heated.


About Joven water heater 


Have you been dreaming of installing a water heater for your luxurious bath system in your home, yet you have not figured out the best and reliable water heater brand to install? The Joven water heater series has been serving people in Singapore with reliable water heating solutions especially for its instant water heater and storage water heater models. These heaters are ideal for multipoint hot water outlets such as the jacuzzi, bathtubs, luxurious bath systems, rain shower, showers slider bar, and luxurious accessories.

The Joven HE series comes with Heat Elevator Technology that utilizes a particular magnetic device to enhance convective heat transfer of heated fluids without worrying about water heater issues that could occur. The outcome is a significant reduction of the time it takes to heat water hence saving about 20% of the energy. Besides, the technology ensures not to give a reason why your Joven water heater is not heating. The mounting ring bracket provides flexibility when mounting your heater in a horizontal position. The Joven water heaters are easy to install and come in a set comprising a hose, showerhead, and heater so that you have a complete system for convenient assembling.


Heat Elevator FAQs

Q: Where can I purchase a Joven water heater featuring the HE technology?

A: Virtually all Joven Electric storage water heaters in Singapore use HE technology. Visit Water Heater City and get yourself a storage water heater of your choice.

Q: Is Joven HE technology safe?

A: 100% yes. This technology does not emit any radiation, and all magnetic fields are well shielded and within the ISO safety standard and WHO safety guidelines.



With the Heat Elevator technology found in Joven water heaters, you can save on bills and energy. Furthermore, your water heater can last longer and is less prone to having water heater failures. If you are looking to install a Joven water heater, you can engage a water heater professional as they can recommend based on the needs of the household as well as provide installation services.


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