What Is Causing My Joven Water Heater To Leak?

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Dealing with a leaking water heater is a frustrating experience, especially so if you do not know why it is leaking. Left unfixed, leaks can cause serious damage, resulting in you spending more time and money to repair your Joven water heater. Operationally, you may not have hot water when needed. While it is generally ideal to hire professional water heater services, you should still learn about the possible reasons why your Joven water heater is leaking.

Joven Water Heater Tank Is Rusty


A leaking tank indicates that the hull of your Joven storage water heater has been damaged. There are two factors that can explain this, the first of which is rust.

There are many reasons why your water heater is corroding. A common example is the deterioration of the water heater’s sacrificial anode rod. The anode rod reacts with the corrosive elements in the water, so if the rod has expired or become faulty, the tank will start corroding until leaks start to form.

Joven Water Heater Has Too Much Internal Pressure


One of the other reasons behind a leaking water heater is consistent high pressure. The storage of hot water can produce quite a bit of pressure that stresses the inner walls of the tank. This can result in stress fractures, which eventually form leakages. When your storage water heater tank has sprung a leak, a replacement is required. We highly hiring a professional plumber to aid you in this regard. He can help you choose the right Joven water heater model, and do the replacement efficiently.

Loose Connections

There are many valves on your water heater. The inlet and outlet connections control the flow of water in and out of the heater. The TP (temperature & pressure) valve is a safety mechanism that vents excess pressure. These valves may start to malfunction over prolonged periods of usage or come loose due to shoddy plumbing. The latter is one of the reasons to hire a professional to install your storage water heaters.

Similarly, the recommended way to determine if any of the valves are causing your water heater to leak is to contact a professional technician. He can inspect the valves and recommend if you need to replace or repair your water heater.

One of the ways to prepare for a water heater replacement is to identify one that best satisfies your needs. A recommended model would be the Joven JSV 35 Storage Water Heater.


Water heater leaks can prove to be very bothersome, and if it is not rectified, they will cause water heater failure or even severe damage. Corrosion, too much internal pressure, and loose or faulty valves are all common causes of why your Joven water heater leaks.

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