What Should You Take Note Of Before Purchasing A Rubine Storage Water Heater?

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Generally, water heaters are a must in every home in Singapore. Storage water heaters, in particular, are more preferred by some homeowners since they have larger capacity and can be concealed. If you are looking to install a storage water heater in your home, you should choose a model from one of the best water heater brands in Singapore like Rubine.

There are many good reasons why Rubine is a highly reputable water heater brand in Singapore. For one, their products are extremely safe and reliable. Plus, its highly modern features ensure that you have the best showering experience possible. Rubine water heaters are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing in case they are to be installed in an exposed manner.  

To experience its many benefits, it’s important to plan carefully before having a Rubine water heater installed. Thus, make sure to take note of the following ahead of your final purchase:   


Rubine Storage Water Heater Specifications You Should Consider

Water Heater Size


Picking a storage water heater that is large enough is vital for adequate hot water. However, the fear of running out of hot water during usage induces some homeowners to get the largest storage water heater possible. This is a common water heater mistake you should avoid

A thing you should know about storage water heaters is that the larger the size, the longer it takes to heat up water. Getting an oversized model therefore can actually deprive you of a quick supply of hot water and result in costly utility bills.

First Hour Rating and Peak Hour Demand

One thing to consider when buying a new storage water heater is the first-hour rating. This refers to how many litres of hot water the heater can provide in an hour. Normally, such a rating is calculated based on the tank’s size, the heating element’s size, and the heat source.

After checking the first-hour rating, another thing to consider when buying a new water heater is the peak hour demand. This refers to the number of times you make use of hot water multiplied by how many litres you consume within an hour. The total peak hour demand should match the heater’s first-hour rating. If it happens to be quite low, you can simply go for a small-sized Rubine storage water heater.

Energy Efficiency

Another factor you should consider before choosing a Rubine storage water heater is its energy efficiency. Remember that one significance of installing energy efficient water heaters is that they can help lower your utility bills. Furthermore, they don’t deteriorate as rapidly as other heaters since they make use of advanced technology. One way of knowing if a Rubine storage heater is energy efficient is by confirming whether it uses smart eco-friendly technology.

Water Pressure Level

Failing to consider water pressure is a common mistake you should avoid when buying a water heater. In fact, you should always check whether the heater’s maximum pressure is enough for your household. This is especially vital for homes with multiple bathrooms. The reason is that pressure tends to decrease as more shower taps make use of the hot water supply at the same time.

Water Heater Price

One of the pros of buying Rubine water heaters in Singapore are their advanced technology and modern features. However, these also mean that they can be costly to purchase. Equally expensive is the price of a water heater installation especially if it entails additional piping. Thus, it is best that you plan your budget before deciding to buy a Rubine storage water heater. By doing so, you can still save enough to provide for your other household needs as well.   

Why Should You Install A Rubine Matrix Storage Water Heater?

One of the best Rubine heaters you can buy is the Rubine Matrix Storage Water Heater. It comes in two models namely the Rubine MT-15B Matrix Storage Water Heater and the Rubine MT-30B Matrix Storage Water Heater

This heater’s diamond-facet design can enhance any bathroom’s appearance. Its small size is also adequate for those with only one bathroom and will ensure a quick supply of hot water. Moreover, it provides maximum water pressure at a level of 0.75MPa so you have a refreshing bath. It also has the benefit of eco-friendly smart technology for energy efficiency.

Rubine Storage Water Heater Installation Factors You Should Consider

Installation Location


Naturally, how long a water heater can provide hot water to your shower taps depends on its distance from the bathroom. The farther the storage heater’s location from the bathroom, the longer it will take to release hot water. Moreover, it will entail additional piping which not only costs money but also means more heat loss.  

Fortunately, you can ensure a quicker supply of hot water by installing your Rubine water heater inside the bathroom instead. Just make sure that there is enough space so that it doesn’t become an obstruction.

Installation Height


One thing to note during a water heater installation is that you want to ensure that there is enough clearance under the water heater. Since the tank can be quite big, giving it enough clearance can help prevent you from hitting your head on it. That is why we typically recommend installing your storage water heater as close to the ceiling as possible.

Existing Pipe Issues


Before choosing from the best storage water heater models or series, make sure that the pipes for your heater are in optimal condition. If not, you will need to go for a pipe replacement. Keep in mind that pipes can experience problems like corrosion or severe leaks. If pipes with such damage are connected to the Rubine storage water heater, it might be unable to provide you with hot water. In some cases, you may even start seeing signs of a faulty water heater within a short period of time.

There can be instances wherein the pipes appear to be in good condition but aren’t long enough to connect the storage heater to the water supply. Some homeowners may not even have the pipes necessary for a proper storage water heater installation. In either event, you should engage a professional so they can determine whether you need to have a pipe installation performed.         

Proper Installation

If you plan to install a Rubine storage water heater in your home, one thing to look out for when choosing a water heater installer is experience level. Hiring an inexperienced worker can bring about numerous water heater issues as they may not do the installation properly. On the other hand, engaging reputable water heater services with experienced workers can better ensure that your heater is installed reliably and securely. 



The reliability of a Rubine storage water heater is guaranteed provided it isn’t oversized and is just the right capacity for your home. You should also see to it that you don’t have any pipe issues and that the heater’s pressure is strong enough for your household. There should also be enough distance from your heater to the bathroom and that you have adequate clearance. Lastly, your water heater should be affordable and energy efficient. 

If you decide to go for a Rubine Matrix Storage Water Heater, our team at Water Heater City can install it for you. We have highly experienced professionals who will ensure that your water heater is installed efficiently and without any issues. 


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