What to Do When Your Ariston Storage Water Heater is Leaking

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Most homes in Singapore have a water heater installed. After all, who does not like taking a hot shower or soaking in a tub filled with hot water?

Just like other household electrical appliances, an Ariston storage water heater can last you for a very long time but eventually, it can experience some problems. If your Ariston storage water heater starts leaking, it might be one of the signs that show something is wrong with it. Here are things to do when your Ariston water heater is leaking.


Confirm the Cause Of The Leak


Your Ariston storage water heater leaking is not necessarily always the reason for the puddles that you find near its base. This might be due to the condensation from the pipes of the heater, or owing to the plumbing system of your home, the exterior body of the heater, or other household appliances. 

Check out any nearby appliances and the overhead pipes for leaks or drips. Use a mop to remove the collected water, and after some time, see if it collects yet again. If the storage water heater is the one causing the leaks, the puddle will be forming again and again.


Disable the Power Supply


As long as your Ariston water heater is powered, it will keep on heating, and you may then face serious burns. Even though the Ariston water heater has a max water temperature of around 70 degrees Celsius, it can be very harmful if you get into touch with the heated water indirectly.

Since the Ariston water heater is an electrical water heater, there might be chances of electrocution. You can disable the power supply by using the circuit breaker box. 


Shut Off the Water Supply


If you have not yet been able to understand the reason behind the water heater leak, and it is not a very serious one, then let your water supply stay on to figure things out.

In case of a serious leak, then you can turn your dial gate valve clockwise or pull down the handle to close the valve. In case it is not possible for you to reach the valve without encountering the leak, then it will be wise to shut off the main valve that supplies water to your entire home. This will stop the leakage completely.


Call a Professional

You can try to fix the water heater leak if you could identify the cause of the leak. In the event that you cannot repair the water heater, consider calling a professional to help you repair or replace your water heater.  

They can investigate the matter, determine the reason behind the leak, and then come up with a solution.  As the professional is skilled and experienced, they can provide advice based on the severity of the problem if the water heater should be replaced entirely. 



If you find that your Ariston storage water heater is leaking, you can deal with it based on the factors mentioned above. First, try to find the cause of the leaking before disabling both the water and power supply. After this has been done,  consult a water heater professional. It is best to engage a water heater professional if you are unsure on how to fix the water heater leaking problem as they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to advise if you can repair or need to replace the water heater completely.


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