What To Look Out For When Choosing A Water Heater Installer

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Most families in Singapore spend time researching to select the right water heater for their homes. However, most people do not realize that its performance and lifespan will also depend on whether the water heater installation has been done properly. 

Hence, it is important to choose the right company. The process of water heater replacement involves removing the existing heater and installing a new water heater, this may take time and proper knowledge is needed. That is why we have listed down things you should look for in water heater services.

Company’s Reputation


Points to note in water heater installation and in choosing the company to do the job are its online and offline reputation.

However, it is more difficult to get a review offline, contact customers, and get honest reviews from friends and relatives. On the other hand, it is usually very easy to find online reviews for most businesses, but there is a possibility that the reviews may be manipulated.

Whether Company Is Well-Established

Included in the things to note during a water heater installation is considering whether the company you will be engaged with is well-established. Most companies face multiple factors which can cause losses, force the business to shut down.

Some of these factors include increased competition, changes in government policies, and so on. While some businesses are able to adjust, others will shut down. In this case, a company with more than ten or twenty years of experience can be more trusted for the installation and to attend to your water heater issues and maintenance in the future.

Company’s Experience


In some cases, experienced professionals may form a new company, while well established companies usually have experienced staff.

If the staff are well trained and experienced, they are more likely to be aware of the different types of storage water heaters and instant water heaters available. Aside from being aware of the best practices, they exactly know when you should replace your water heater. Thus, completing tasks precisely and fast.

Whether Company Is Licensed and Insured

An important fact about water heater installation is that it should be done by professionals because of its complexity. Licensed plumbers also know the significance of installing energy efficient water heaters and you can rely on them to install one in your bathrooms. 

The water heater installation company should have plumbers who are licensed by the public utility board (PUB) of Singapore. The company should also insure the plumbers so that they get compensated in case of an accident.

Company’s Tools and Technology

Having the latest equipment for quick installation and replacement is one of the reasons to hire a professional to install your water heaters. The plumbers are also well trained in the most suitable techniques, using the best testing equipment to avoid causing water heater failure due to improper installation. Hence, it is advisable to ask the company about the equipment they will use for heater installation.

Company’s Certifications


In addition to having licensed plumbers, the company should have acquired certifications from relevant bodies which show that they have the best systems in place. In this way, they can ensure that all the clients get the same quality of service. 

It is also advisable to buy your water heaters from a reputable installer who is a member of local trade bodies for plumbing, electrical wiring, and home services. This means that they are aware of the latest industry norms and government guidelines. 

Company’s Servicing Costs


Before you contact a water heater servicing company, it is recommended to get a quote from at least three reputed companies. This will help the property owner get information about the market rates for the installation work, terms and conditions, and the time taken. This will help in negotiating a better deal. 

While comparing the cost of services, the property owner should also check whether any kind of warranty is offered on the workmanship during installation. The company should also be arranging for installation supplies like wiring, plumbing pipes, and hardware. 


If you need to replace or repair your water heater, you may be looking into which company to hire and it takes up most of your time. However, after all the research, you will be surprised at how worth it is because they will perform the water heater installation, replacement, or repair in the most efficient way possible. 

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