Why Bennington is A Popular Brand for Multipoint Water Heater

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Since a water heater consumes a significant amount of electricity, homeowners in Singapore are planning to purchase an energy-efficient water heater. Over the past years, families living in larger homes prefer to install a multipoint water heater. This is owing to the benefits like being energy efficient. Before choosing a multipoint heater the buyer would like to compare the heater features. Here are the reasons why the Bennington multipoint water heater is better.

Elegant Compact Design


Bennington has been manufacturing multipoint heaters since 2003 using the latest German technology. These heaters are made from a special nylon industrial grade polymer, without welding. Such that the heater has a compact size and is more durable. A thing you should know about storage water heaters is that their size is large since they store a large amount of hot water. 

As compared to multipoint heaters, they have large heating elements making them provide hot water immediately. Additionally, water is not stored, and they are smaller in size. The multipoint water heater installation and points to note are that it can also be installed above false ceilings. This is a major advantage since less space is required for the installation of the water heater.

Energy Saving 


The main reason people are choosing to install multipoint heaters is that their monthly electricity bill will reduce, especially for larger families. 

Owing to the larger heating element in these heaters, no preheating is required, and this is a factor that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption. Such that the heater has to be turned on for a shorter time to produce the same amount of hot water for the shower and other water usage. 

The electricity charges for water heating will depend on the heater rating and the time for which the water heater is switched on. Thus, energy saving using this type of heater is important. These are the things to consider when buying a new water heater

Low Cost Installation 

A thing to note during a water heater installation is that you have to ensure that it will not fall off. Since the weight of a storage heater, especially when filled with water, is more. 

An important fact you should know about instant water heater installation is that it is also complex since the plumbing has to be changed. Unlike the installation of the compact multipoint water heater is simpler, since it only has to be installed on the ceiling or walls. 

A multipoint water heater is not heavy, thus less effort and time are required for the installation. The heater can be connected to the existing plumbing pipe reducing the installation cost. 

Quality And Safety Standards 


Many of the most high-profile residential projects in Singapore are using Bennington heaters since it indicates the significance of installing an energy-efficient water heater. The product is manufactured using German technology for pressure differential flow switches in Singapore. 

Additionally, it complies with the latest quality and safety standards. In case you encounter water heater issues, it will be easier to repair it since the damaged part only needs to be replaced. Unlike storage heaters, the entire heater will have to be replaced if there is any problem. 


Installing a Bennington multipoint water heater is mostly preferred by families living in larger homes. This is due to its compact design, energy efficiency, and low installation cost, and it follows quality and safety standards. This is definitely the feature to have in a brand-new water heater before purchasing

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