Why Does My Water Heater Smell Bad?

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If you have engaged professional water heater installation/replacement services, you should not have any problems for quite some time. However, after a few years of usage, you may find a pungent odour coming from your water heater. In fact, this can be one of the underreported issues you may encounter with storage water heaters. You may find this issue more common. It is important for a homeowner to find out why your water heater smells bad so that you can determine whether to replace or repair your water heater.

Rusty Water


If the hot water dispensed by your water heater is discolored, it may be an indicator that one or more parts of the water heater may be corroded. For example, the sacrificial anode rod may have corroded. Finding out the reason why your water heater is corroding will be important in determining if when should you replace your water heater.

Sediment Build Up And Water Heater Leaks


Tap water contains minute amounts of naturally occurring minerals that form sediments that settle down at the bottom of pipes over time during normal usage. A pipe leak induces a change in the speed and direction of the water flow. This resuspends the sediments, bringing it up the plumbing system. The resultant discolored water can be what causes your instant water heater to smell. Similarly, reusing a storage water heater after leaving it idle for some time can result in a similar outcome.

Faulty Electrical Wiring


The smell that wafts from the water heater may not necessarily be a consequence of water heater failure. If the electrical wiring is not done properly, it may become loose after some time. If these loose wires come into contact with each other, it leads to a short circuit that can melt the insulation – resulting in the smell of burning plastic. This is one of the reasons why a storage water heater keeps tripping your circuit breaker.


There can be many contributing factors to a smelly water heater. It is important to find out the exact cause of the smell so that a corresponding fix can be applied. But this process can be challenging for a homeowner, who is unlikely to have experience in this area. That is why you should contact Water Heater City Singapore for assistance. The professional technicians are experienced in identifying if it is a water heater leak or if the water heater has been corroded and recommend the necessary fixes.

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