Why Is My Rheem Water Heater Not Heating?

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While the installation of a water heater provides you great utility and comfort, your water heater can still decline and malfunction if you neglect to maintain it. When that happens, the first thing you will observe is a significant drop in the performance levels of your Rheem water heater.

We have listed some reasons behind why your Rheem water heater is not heating.

There Might Be A Thermostat Problem

Failure to heat the water is one of the common water heater problems. Start by checking the thermostat on your water heater to see if it has been set to a lower temperature. Perhaps a family member decided to take action after learning why he/she should lower the water heater’s temperature. If setting it to the correct temperature doesn’t fix the problem, then it could be a thermostat problem. You will need to engage the services of a professional water heater technician to fix a broken water heater thermostat.

The Demand Might Be Too High

If you are using a storage water heater with a lower holding capacity, it could be that the hot water supply has been exhausted due to the high demand. In that case, you should consider replacing your storage water heater  with one that has a higher storage capacity, like the Rheem EHG 60 Electric Storage Water Heater.


The Water Heater Had Been Worn Out

Something you should know about storage water heaters is that its components will degrade over time. So if your Rheem storage water heater suddenly dispenses less hot water than usual, it could be an indicator that your current model has reached the end of its lifespan. This is when you should replace your water heater.

Water Heater Leak


There are many different types of water heater leaks. An internal leak due to corrosion can cause cold water to mix with the hot water, resulting in lower water temperature. Understanding the reasons why your water heater is corroding is important so that you can take preventive measures.

There Is A Reduction In The Water Pressure


Not only will a leaking water heater lead to higher water bills, it can also lead to other signs of a faulty water heater. An external leak can cause the water pressure inside your water heater to plummet, making it hard to dispense hot water. The leaking water can also cause the pressure release valve of the water heater to fail, resulting in premature venting.

There Might Be Sediment Build Up


There can be sediment build-up in the heat exchanger or on the bottom of your installed Rheem water heater. The collected sediments inside may insulate the water available inside and prevent it from reaching the right temperature on the thermostat of your instant or storage water heater.

One important fact you should know about instant water heater installation is that the appliance requires regular professional maintenance. As a part of their maintenance routine, the professional will flush out your system to eliminate any sediment build-up. Likewise, if this issue you may encounter with your storage water heater is quite severe, the technician will scrape it out manually, ensuring that your water heater will work again.


You should pay the same level of attention to the possible reasons why your Rheem water heater is not heating as when you look for features to have in your new water heater. These could include the general decline of components, water heater leaks, sediment build-up, faulty or wrongly set thermostat, or even an insufficient water heater storage capacity. If you need help identifying and fixing the problem, you should contact Water Heater City Singapore for assistance.

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