Why Is My Rubine Water Heater Not Working

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When you get back home all tired, you want to have a nice hot shower to feel relaxed and refreshed. However, when you turn on your Rubine water heater you notice it is not working. It might either be the water is not getting heated at all, or maybe the water is just lukewarm.

Well, even though this is a problem that no one ever would want to experience, nonetheless, it can happen at any moment. Even so, you cannot always avoid this issue. If you can figure out why your Rubine instant water heater or storage water heater is malfunctioning, it is best to follow these necessary steps. Let us get to learn about a few reasons behind your Rubine water heater not working.


Water Not Getting Hot


There can be problems with your water heater if only cold water comes out of your faucet instead of hot. However, this problem is a minor one. 

In such a situation, you must inspect if your circuit breaker is faulty. Since your Rubine instant or storage water heater will need electricity to run, if there is no power then there will be no hot water coming out. 

Inspect the circuit breaker and see if the power that is going to your heater is in good condition. In case it is turned off, then this is the reason why your water heater is tripping your circuit breaker, and all you need to do is turn the power back on. If this is not the issue, then the heating element may have been damaged.

A good reason to hire a water heater professional like Water Heater City Singapore is that we will inspect your water heater thoroughly. If we see that the heating element is damaged then we shall fix it for you. In case there is some other issue that is preventing your water heater from working then too our experts will find that out easily and fix that for you as well in no time at all.


Too Little Hot Water

If your Rubine water heater is not producing enough hot water then it can be due to the thermostat that is built on it. Adjusting the thermostat a little will produce hot water again.

There will likely be a chance that you may have finished all the stored water, thus you will have to wait for a while for the water to be heated yet again.


Strange Sounds


If you hear hissing or other strange noises from your Rubine instant water heater or storage water heater, then you must take action immediately. This likely is a result of air getting stuck in your heater owing to the building up of sediment.

You must hire a professional to flush your heaters every year to get rid of the sediments. 


Strange Smells

One of the reasons behind strange smells coming from your Rubine water heater can be due to a dirty water heater. This too can be the result of a sediment buildup or corrosion.

Hiring one of our experts from Water Heater City can handle the situation in no time. We will flush out the water heater to remove the accumulated sediments. In case your anode rod has stopped working, we will notify you about it and suggest a replacement. If the cause of the smell is due to corrosion, we will then have to replace your heater with a new one. We will suggest if you should install storage or an instant water heater for your home, and can do the Rubine water heater installation for you as well. 



To know if your water heater is leaking, you first need to find out where the leak is coming from. If you notice that the leak is coming from the water heater, then you should replace it. However, if the problem is due to loose piping, then those can be fixed.


Unnaturally-Colored Water


No one would ever want to bathe in water that has bacteria in it or is exposed to corrosion. The hot water coming out of your faucet should not taste nor look unusual. If it does, then it may have a water heater problem, and if it is a major issue this will call for a complete replacement. 

The anode rod present in your water heater may have corroded and caused this issue, and you should replace it. However, if the color of the water is still strange then flushing out your water heater to eliminate the buildup of sediment and excessive minerals can help. You should replace your water heater if the issue persists. 



A water heater contains two important pipes, one brings water into it, and through the other hot water is released. The water that enters your Rubine heater may be filled with sand, sediments, and debris that will accumulate at the bottom of your heater. This can be another reason why your Rubine instant or storage water heater is not properly working. 

To prevent this from happening, ensure to get your water heater drained annually. Not having it drained is a water heater mistake you should avoid. Therefore, you have to get your heater replaced sooner or later.


Sediment Build-Up


When your water is being heated, a limescale is formed in the heater. It keeps collecting at the bottom of your Rubine storage or instant water heater. Sooner or later, it forms an insulating cover that wears off the protection of your water heater’s anode rod.

The bottom part of your heater will continue to overheat, and removing these sediments will damage the glass covering that is protecting your water heater. It will then result in a kind of electric burnout in which you will not enjoy hot water anymore. 

Having your anode rod replaced, and regular flushing of your water heater by a professional will prevent you from having this kind of water heater issue



Your water heater can rust internally or externally. External rusting is not a major problem as the internal one. Your anode rod protects your heater from rusting, however, if you have used your Rubine heater for a long time, the anode rod deteriorates. This makes the other metal parts start getting affected and there is internal rust. Rusting is the reason behind water heater leaking and other issues. 

It is ideal to get regular maintenance from Water Heater City Singapore. As part of our water heater services, we will keep inspecting the condition of your anode rod. However, once your anode rod is completely damaged, we will info as well, and replace it with a new one. This will help optimize your water heater and increase its longevity at the same time. 


Improper and Loose Fittings


If the fittings on the valves, knobs, and pipes of your Rubine water heater are loose, then it will not function the right way. You need to re-tighten these fittings and your water heater should start working properly again.

Keep in mind that loose fittings can result in flooding in your home due to the risks that are brought by water heater leaks. Therefore, do not ignore this issue lightly, and re-tighten any loose fittings as soon as you notice them.



If your Rubine water heater is not working, you might want to check the possible causes first before calling a plumber. Regardless if the issue is small or big, you should never ignore them. Since these issues can cause water heater failure and may even harm your household. Hiring one of our professionals from Water Heater City Singapore can solve the issue of your Rubine water heater. However, if the issue is severe you may need to install a new Rubine instant water heater or storage water heater. Our professionals can handle the installation task perfectly such that you will enjoy hot water usage. 


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