Why Is My Water Heater Constantly Tripping The Circuit Breaker and How Can Rheem Water Heater Stop This Problem?

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The water heater has one of the highest power consumption rates out of most home appliances in Singapore. Some of these water heaters have an in-built circuit breaker. Once the current exceeds the safety limit, the breaker cuts off the water heater’s electrical supply. 

Here are some of the reasons why your water heater’s circuit breaker is tripping, how to fix it and why Rheem water heaters are the best option for you to prevent this problem.

Burnt Heating Element 

Water heaters heat up water by passing the cold water over its heating element. Larger water heaters may have more than one of these. The water heater’s heating element might get burnt or damaged when it is defective or has been used for a long time. 

A damaged heating element will have a decreased resistance which increases power consumption. This causes the circuit breaker to trip. Use a multimeter to check the heating element’s rating. If there’s a change, it usually indicates that the heating element is damaged, and the resistance has decreased. 

Rheem water heaters (e.g. Rheem EH-25M Storage Water Heater) uses incoloy heating elements which makes them very durable and prevents corrosion, further minimizing the chance your heating element gets damaged, and  ensures long-lasting performance. 


Faulty Thermostat 

Storage heaters like Rheem Xwell XS-30 Slim Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater have an in-built thermostat. This regulates the temperature of the water by cutting off the power supply once the water temperature exceeds the preset temperature. This ensures that the water does not reach scalding temperatures.

One of the reasons why a storage water heater keeps tripping your circuit breaker  is a defective thermostat. It causes the water to continue heating which causes the heating element to consume too much power, thus tripping the circuit breaker. You can use a multimeter to check the thermostat.

With Rheem being in the industry for over a century, they have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience that they utilize to make their water heaters with the utmost quality. High quality materials and brilliant product design help to extend the longevity of the thermostat in Rheem water heaters.

Bad Breaker Or Wiring

Some users will just usually switch the circuit breaker back on whenever it trips without resolving the cause of the problem, which can damage the circuit breaker. Component damage are another reason for a defective circuit breaker. This makes it trip even before reaching the specified current limit. Mice and cockroaches can cause one of the common water heater issues. These pests can chew through the insulation and wiring, resulting in a short circuit. In these cases, it should be checked.

Rheem’s water heaters, like the Rheem Storage Water Heater – Vertical Model 57L, 15 Gal (65SVP15S) are equipped with overcurrent protection. This helps protect the water heater against overload currents or a short circuit. 

Water Leak

When the gasket becomes loose or other parts of it develop holes, it will cause a water heater leak. Since water is a good conductor of electricity, this can cause a short circuit and will trip a circuit breaker. That is why it is best to always check for water leaks. 

This is why water heaters from Rheem like the RTLE-33B Prestige Instant Water Heater are the best for these situations as it has a waterproof case with a rating of IP25 to protect its components from leaks and water splash that may cause a short circuit.

Engage A Qualified Electrician To Solve Faulty Breaker or Wiring

Troubleshooting or fixing the circuit breaker without proper training can cause injuries to the person and further damage to the breaker. This is where experienced professional water heater service providers come in to fix the problem quickly and safely.

The Rheem water heaters sport a replaceable heating element which makes it a hassle-free maintenance. 



Your water heater may be the cause of your circuit breaker tripping frequently. Damaged wiring or a bad breaker, a burnt heating element, water leaks, and defective thermostat are some of the culprits behind it. One reason to hire a professional to install your storage water heater or instant water heaters, is to avoid  improper installations. Same goes with water heater repairs, it is best to call a professional like the experts from Water Heater City Singapore to avoid further damages and unwanted injuries. Our staff are all experienced and well-trained enough to handle circuit breaker trips due to a defective or faulty water heater. You can also consider installing a Rheem water heater as they are made with high quality materials and components like an incoloy heating element that prevents it from rusting, to further avoid issues that can trip your circuit breaker. 

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