Why Is The Joven Series So Popular In Singapore?

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One of the most relaxing feelings someone can experience after a busy day at work is taking a hot shower or soaking in a warm bathtub. Indeed, a Joven water heater is among the essential appliances in modern homes. That is why homeowners must understand how these appliances work to buy the most reliable devices for their homes. Considering that there are various types and brands of water heaters available on the market, how do you go about installing the ideal water heater for your home?

The good news is that we have composed a comprehensive guide about purchasing a storage water heater for your property. A typical water heater operates in one of the possible two ways. Storage water heaters are water heaters that store water in a tank while instant water heaters heat up water instantly as it discharges from the faucet. Each of these types of water heaters has its pros and cons.

Over the last decade, the Joven water heater brand has maintained its reputation as Singapore’s most reliable water heater brand. Joven is also one of the top-selling water heater brands in Singapore.

Here are the reasons why you should consider purchasing a Joven storage water heater today for your home.


Joven Water Heater


  • The water storage tank is made with stainless steel making it a rust-free water tank.
  • It comes with a dial thermometer that shows the exact temperature of the hot water in the tank.
  • It features an adjustable temperature control unit (High-Med-Low temp).
  • The maximum temperature this heater can heat water is 70°C.
  • The storage tank is made using high-density polyurethane foam (CFC Free) to ensure maximum hot water insulation inside the tank.
  • The 5 year leak-proof warranty on the inner tank guarantees that this is a high-quality storage water heater.


Technical specifications

  • It has a water-holding capacity of 50 litres.
  • 7 litres at about 70°C can supply hot water with an outlet temperature of 38°C and an inlet temperature of about 26°C.
  • Ideal for one standing shower or a 6′ rain shower.
  • The temperature control unit makes it possible to control the temperature at various levels – i.e., high temperature (70°C), medium temperature (55°C), and low temperature (35°C).


General Features

  • It includes a multi-point hot water system ideal for a mixer tap system.
  • Ideal for one rainshower 6″ or one standard shower.
  • Capacity of 50 litres
  • It has a power rating of 3.0kW; 240V
  • It can supply hot water with a maximum temperature of 70°C.
  • Temperature control and the display that shows high, medium, and low temp.
  • Rust-free and stainless steel tank and heating element.
  • High-density polyurethane foam (CFC free) for maximum insulation – keeping hot water for an extended period.


Joven Water Heater Storage Price


The Joven storage water heater features a stainless steel heating element and tank (SUS 304 grade). The high-quality material can withstand rusting or any damage, thus making it the most durable water heater available in Singapore.

The high-density polyurethane insulation foam reduces the reasons for heat loss in your Joven water heater once the water has reached the maximum temperature of 70°C. The heated water will stay at that temperature for the next 10 hours before dropping to about 55°C within the next 10 hours for the heating to reactivate.

With cutting-edge innovation, the Joven water heater is the perfect choice for your entire home water heating usage. It is also ideal for your luxurious bath at an affordable cost. Besides, the Joven storage water heater is a perfect solution for a hot and cold tap system like the rain shower head, bathtub, jacuzzi, and kitchen sink basin.


Innovative Features

  1. It comes with a multi-point system which is ideal for supplying water to your entire home.

This cutting-edge innovation is one of the leading technologies incorporated and is one of the benefits of purchasing the Joven water heater, which makes it the perfect choice for your entire home hot water solutions. Besides, this innovation makes it ideal for jacuzzi, bathtub, shower, rain shower, and kitchen sink basin.

  1. There is a range of water holding capacities available from 15L (Joven storage water heater 15L) to 91L (Joven Electric JH 91), thus making it ideal for supplying hot water throughout your home.

The high-density polyurethane foam (CFC Free) offers maximum insulation to keep the heated water hot for a long period which helps in saving energy. It includes a triple safety system made up of thermostat safety cut-out, drain valve, pressure relief, and thermal cut-off.

  1. Durable

It includes a patented mounting ring bracket and 10-year leak proof warranty. This stainless steel water heater is designed to last over a decade, providing you with nothing to worry about water heater issues due to the fact that it is rust-free.

The storage water heater like Joven Storage Water Heater – JH25  is built using top-quality material that can withstand rapture and rust for over a decade, thus guaranteeing stellar performance and durability.  The stainless steel heating element and heater tank (SUS 304 Grade) further make this water heater exceptional. Moreover, it includes electro-galvanized steel with an epoxy coat (powdered finish).

  1. Long-lasting heat solution

Using a water heater frequently can increase your monthly electric bill. The good news is that the Joven water heater storage water heater is made with polyurethane insulation foam (CFC Free) – which can protect the stored hot water from heat loss for the next 20 hours thus saving energy.


Safety Features

Thermostat Safety breaker

This auto thermostat feature cuts off further water heating once the water reaches about 70°C. This saves energy and results in lowering your monthly electricity bills.

Thermal Cut-off feature

The thermal cut-off feature stops any further flow of current when the heating element reaches a temperature of about 95°C which protects it from a dry burn. However, it is rare to experience a common water heater problem like dry burn since the thermostat cuts off heating when water reaches 70°C.

Drain Valve and Pressure Relief 

This feature ensures build-up pressure is released from the tank so as not to exceed 8 bars.



One key consideration to make is if the investment will last long enough for a positive return of investment. If you are wondering how long your Joven water heaters can last, the answer to that is they can last for over ten years more than a standard level water heater whose maximum service life is seven years.



Joven water heater has been in the market for decades and is known in the market for producing good quality water heaters. Opting to install a Joven water heater can help you save on your monthly electric bills due to its water heater being energy efficient. Joven water heaters are relatively more durable than the standard level water heater. If you need help installing your water heater, engage a water heater professional such as Water Heater City so that you can ensure that it will be properly installed.


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