Why Is Your Water Heater Hissing and How Can A Rheem Water Heater Resolve It?

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Some homeowners can experience hissing noises from their instant or storage water heater. If you are among them, you might be wondering if it’s a cause for concern. 

Here are the reasons why your instant or storage water heater is hissing and how installing a Rheem water heater can resolve it: 


High Water Temperature


If a water heater hisses while being used, it may simply be because of its safety mechanism. One thing you didn’t know about water heaters is they have a relief valve. This valve is supposed to release excess pressure when water temperature reaches high levels.  As it releases pressure, hissing tends to occur. When this happens, you can simply lower the water heater temperature.

If your thermostat is faulty, however, it might be better to call a professional. He can determine if your water heater needs to be replaced.

If the professional finds that you need to install a new water heater, you can opt for a Rheem EH-25M Storage Water Heater. It has a Robertshaw surface mounted thermostat that regulates water temperature within safe levels. Moreover, there is an over-temperature cutout switch which disables power in the event that water temperature exceeds normal limits. Both these features will prevent exceedingly high water temperature that can lead to hissing noises.


Defective Relief Valve

Besides high water temperature, a relief valve can also produce hissing if it itself becomes defective.  When the water heater experiences corrosion which is a common water heater problem, the relief valve can rust and become stuck. As a result, it emits a hissing noise for an unusually long period of time.  You may need to start preparing for a storage water heater replacement if this issue persists. 

If your water heater is in need of a replacement, you can consider installing the Rheem Xwell XC-30 Storage Water Heater. This heater can better protect against corrosion since it is built with an exclusive RheemGlas tank made of vitreous enamel and a RheemHD+ anode rod. By installing it, you will no longer have to worry about prolonged hissing from the pressure relief valve due to rusting.  



What you should know about storage water heaters is that they can also hiss if condensed water comes in contact with the tank’s hot surface. Take note that when the heater runs out of hot water and cools down, water vapour can condense on the cold top of the storage water heater. These droplets then roll down to the hot surface and produce a hissing sound as they evaporate.    

If you prefer a water heater that does not produce as much condensation which can cause hissing, choose a Rheem EHG 30 Storage Water Heater. With its CFC free polyurethane insulation, you can avoid rapid heating and cooling that results in frequent condensation leading to constant hissing noises.    

Water Heater Leaks


A water heater is another possible cause of a hissing water heater. When compared to condensation however, it is usually much more severe and visible. If your water heater has been in usage for quite a long time, it can deteriorate and make the tank susceptible to leaks that cause hissing. In case you are struggling with this type of water heater leak, it will be best to have a storage water heater replacement performed.

For a leaking water heater replacement, a Rheem Vertical Model 23L Storage Water Heater is a highly suitable option. The exclusive Rheemglas enamel tank that this heater uses as well as its anode rod will protect the heater from rapid corrosion. As such, you are less likely to face leaks which can cause the heater to emit hissing noises. 


If there is hissing coming from your water heater, you likely have a defective thermostat which is causing water temperature to reach unusually high levels. Another possible factor is a pressure relief valve that has incurred damage because of corrosion. Otherwise, check if you have condensation and leaks brought on by tank deterioration.

You can consider installing a Rheem water heater to resolve your hissing water heater problems. Among the reasons why Rheem is a popular brand is its heaters have a Robertshaw surface mounted thermostat, exclusive RheemGlas tank, RheemHD+ anode rod, and immersion heating element. With these features, hissing water heater noises will no longer be an issue. 

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