Why Should You Replace Your Instant Water Heater Before It Fails?

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No matter what home appliance you select, it has a limited working lifespan. An instant water heater is no different. After you have used your instant water heater for around ten years, you are likely to notice some water heater issues that suggest that it will break down entirely soon.

You may only consider replacing your water heater only after it stops working. However, that is not a good idea. It would be practical if you replaced your instant water heater right before it became faulty. There are quite a few reasons behind it, and we shall share them with you right away.

You have more time to search for a replacement heater


Perhaps, you have always used a particular brand (e.g., Ariston or Rheem) and a particular model of an instant water heater. Chances are, once your instant water heater breaks down, you will replace it with the same model. However, newer models keep arriving every day, and there are many best selling water heater brands that offer great water heaters. These clearly could be better options for you.

If your water heater fails suddenly, you will not have time to research and find better options that could help it last longer. This is why you should do your research as soon as you notice some water heater issues and replace your water heater before it fails.

A broken heater leaves you without hot water


If you opt for an urgent instant water heater replacement, you will not have enough heated water until your new water heater is delivered. This can make things more difficult when taking a bath, for it can take a few days for the delivery to come.

Instead, if you plan a water heater replacement on time, you will have it installed before your current water heater shows signs of being faulty. If you will contact a water heater professional, you may be able to install the new water heater without waiting for a long period. They will also ensure that the water heater is installed properly to ensure that there will be no water heater issues.

It prevents an inconvenient emergency replacement


It can be very inconvenient when your installed instant water heater breaks down, especially if we use this water heater every day. It may take a while for your new water heater to arrive. In the meantime, you may have to bathe in cold water. If you are not used to taking cold showers at all, you may even catch a cold. It will surely be better if you plan things and opt for a timely replacement.

A corroded heater can damage your home

Water heaters have a sacrificial anode rod. This piece of steel has aluminum, zinc, and magnesium around it to attract any corroding compounds present in your water that prevents causes of water heater failure. If you do not get this rod replaced once in a few years, it can spell trouble for your instant water heater. If your tank rusts through, it may cause the water heater to start leaking. However, this can be avoided if you choose to repair or replace your water heater before it breaks down completely.

It prevents water damage

If your water heater fails in a bad way, it can be the reason for water heater leakage that can flood your bathrooms or adjacent rooms, or wherever you have your water heater installed. To avoid experiencing this situation as well as any damage that flooded water can do, then do not wait for your heater to fail fully. Instead, act on time and get a new instant water heater installed and leave no scopes for any damage at all.

It lowers your utility bills


Certainly, buying a new water heater will cost you an amount, but if you make the right selection, you will only be saving money in the long run. It will be wise to take the help of a water heater professional. Since they are aware of every model and every top selling brand of water heaters in Singapore, it will be easy for them to highlight the ideal instant water heaters for you, keeping your requirements in mind. Not only shall we select the best heater for you that will undoubtedly lower your utility bills, but we will also provide water heater installation services.


When your water heater becomes faulty, you may experience water heater leakage, circuit trips, and emergencies that can affect your water heater safety. That is why it is important to hire a professional to replace it. To avoid any inconvenience caused by a faulty water heater, it is recommended to replace it before it fully fails. If you need help in replacing your current instant water heater with a newer one, do engage a water heater professional for they can advise you on the ideal instant water heater for your home and also provide installation services like Water Heater City Singapore.

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