Why Should You Replace Your Leaking Storage Water Heater with A Champs Storage Water Heater?

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It can be inconvenient for homeowners if their water heater starts leaking. This is because a leaking water heater can result in water damage which may cost them more time and money to fix the issue. Additionally, it is less likely that you will have a hot water supply when needed which can be frustrating. It can be even more irritating if you are not able to find out why your storage water heater is leaking. To prevent leaking issues with your water heater, then you can try to consider installing a Champs water heater.


It Is Highly Corrosion Resistant

Did you know that water can corrode your storage water heater? Once it experiences corrosion, this will lead your water to start rusting.  Additionally,  once the rod is damaged, your water will also begin to rust. One of the things on how to know if your water heater is leaking is that the water coming out from the tap is brown. If your storage water heater is leaking because of corrosion, it is then ideal to hire a professional to look into the issue. 

Consider replacing your leaking water heater with a Champs water heater model. There are many benefits to installing a Champs storage water heater  (e.g. Champs A15 Pro Storage Water Heater) for your home since it has a sapphire enamel-coated tank that is highly corrosion resistant – making it durable and having a longer lifespan.

 It Prevents Accumulation of Sediment

A sign of a faulty water heater is when you hear crackling and popping sounds. This means that the water is trapped underneath the sediment, and has begun bubbling to get out. It is ideal to have your water heater flushed and drained every once a year by a professional to eliminate the sediment.  If issues persist even after draining your storage water heater, then consider buying a Champs water heater (e.g. Champs A30 Storage Water Heater). This water heater is made with high-quality materials that can prevent the collection of sediment in the tank.

It Prevents Having High Internal Pressure

One of the issues you may encounter with storage water heaters is excessive pressure building inside, therefore it is likely to leak and burst. Your storage water heater can even burst if the pressure is very high. If you notice that your storage water heater is leaking when it is heating water, then it is due to the release of excess water from the relief valve.

If the relief valve is consistently leaking when it is not heating water, then have your water heater replaced with a Champs storage water heater by a professional. Champs water heater models are less likely to leak or burst due to their sapphire enamel-coated tank and durable stainless steel element.



If you are looking to replace your leaking water heater, consider buying a Champs water heater. Champs water heaters are recommended because of their features such as high heating efficiency, long-lasting functionality, and energy efficiency. This will reduce the possibility of your water heater leaking in the future. If you need to engage professional water heater services, you can consider Water Heater City Singapore as we provide a one-stop supply and installation service for Champs Water Heaters.


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