Why Should You Replace Your Water Heater Not Heating With Champs Water Heater?

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Bear in mind that failing to take care of a water heater can cause it to experience problems – one of which is not being able to properly heat water. Fortunately, you can prevent this by learning about the possible reasons why this issue can take place. 

Once you understand why your storage or instant water heater is not heating well,  you can also be able to understand why replacing it with a Champs water heater is ideal. Installing a Champs water heater provides many benefits such as anti-scalding protection, energy efficiency, and is splash-proof. It can also give you relief if your old water heater is not heating properly.   


It Can Keep Up With Your Water Demand

If your old water heater does not seem to be providing enough hot water, then chances are that it is too small for your household. Remember that it is important to make sure that your water demand does not exceed your heater’s capacity. If your current heater is not large enough to accommodate your needs, it is best to purchase a larger model such as the Champs A30 Pro Storage Water Heater

In case you feel your heater is large enough for your home but lacks hot water, then there might be an issue with one of the heating elements. A supply of lukewarm water likely indicates that the upper heating element has incurred damage. On the other hand, hot water which turns cold quickly may be a sign that it is the lower heating element that is defective. This is often a cause of water heater failure.

When you decide to install a Champs water heater model, you will not have to worry about your water not properly heating. This is because Champs water heaters make use of stainless steel elements that are highly durable and less likely to deteriorate compared to traditional storage heaters.

It Prevents Sediment Accumulation


Common water heater problems such as corrosion can cause sediment to be present in the water heater. Accumulation of sediment within the heat exchanger at the bottom of your water heater may originate from rusted components. This collection of sediments can block the flow of water and prevent you from enjoying a hot bath. 

In order to prevent sediment accumulation inside your water heater, it is best to ensure that no parts are damaged. If your heater already has a build up of sediment however, then consider it a sign that you need to have a new water heater installed. Buying a Champs water heater in this case is highly recommended since it is built with a sapphire enamel coated tank. This provides higher corrosion resistance and ensures the heater has a long lifespan.

It Prevents Cold Water Leakage

A water heater will usually have a dip tube that allows water to pass through the pipes going to the bottom of the tank. Cold water is prevented from mixing with the hot water at the topmost part of the heater. This is to ensure that the user is provided with as much hot water as possible. 

If the dip tube of the heater incurs cracks and other forms of damage due to misuse, a leakage of cold water can occur. Naturally, this causes the supply of water from the heater to be much colder than usual. If you are wondering whether your leaking water heater needs to be replaced, one of the recommended water heater brands to install is Champs Water Heater. This is because they are designed with high-quality materials, thus reducing the possibility of the dip tub cracking. 

It Ensures Continuous Supply of Hot Water

One of the issues you may encounter with a storage water heater that can prevent the supply of hot water is a defective thermostat. When this part fails to work properly, the water heater may be unable to provide water at a high enough temperature. In order to properly confirm if your thermostat is experiencing any issues, it is best that you call a professional water heater service.

Should your thermostat be permanently damaged, consider purchasing Champs A15 Pro Storage Water Heater installed right away. This heater has a precise temperature selector that is less prone to damage. As such, you will be provided with a steady supply of hot water. 

 It Provides Consistent Water Pressure

Experiencing low water pressure from your water heater can make your showering experience more difficult than it needs to be. Among the potential causes of this issue is sediment accumulation in the pipes of the heater as a result of corrosion. Low pressure from your water heater may also be caused by the shut-off valve not being opened fully. You can inspect this part first before deciding to call a professional to decide whether you need a storage water heater replacement.

In order to avoid this issue in the future, buying a Champs Vios Instant Water Heater is recommended as it has more durable components. Furthermore, it comes with a 5-way massage set for an optimal shower experience.

It Has A Longer Lifespan


The performance of a water heater can decline if it has been in use for a long time. One sign of a water heater that is faulty and worn out is if it fails to provide adequate hot water. When this happens, it is recommended that you replace your old water heater with a Champs water heater. It is built with high quality materials which makes it highly durable and has a longer lifespan as compared to traditional water heaters.


A water heater not heating properly can be the result of numerous factors. Your heater may not be able to handle your water demand or is experiencing thermostat issues. It may also have damage leading to a defective thermostat, cold water leakage, and decreased water pressure. Another possibility is that your old heater has simply worn out, an appropriate time for when you should replace your water heater with a Champs water heater.  

A Champs water heater has a sapphire enamel coated tank and stainless steel heating element that prevents corrosion that can cause sediment buildup. It also has a precise temperature selector and contains other highly durable components. By installing a Champs heater, therefore, you are sure to have a steady supply of hot water and reduce the possibility of your heater not heating up.

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