Why Singaporeans Choose To Install Rubine Instant Water Heaters?

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You can find instant water heaters installed in almost every home in Singapore as they are convenient. A brand that is popular with most Singaporeans is Rubine water heaters. Rubine is perfectly suitable for HDB units, and this is why the people of Singapore trust this brand.

However, this is not the main reason why people in Singapore prefer installing a Rubine water heater. It is the favorite choice of most people due to its great features, and the experience it ensures. 


Rubine Water Heater

Every Rubine water heater has a unique design. Even commercial and residential plumbers suggest installing a Rubine instant water heater. due to their enhanced features. Apart from its features, we will also get to know the two most popular Rubine water heater models, Rubine 1388 and Rubine 2388. 


One of the things that Rubine is known for is its innovation. It is clearly reflected in every product, including their instant water heaters.

The reason to opt for a Rubine instant water heater installation is that it is designed to the best standards. It also has the newest innovations such that they look great and perform excellently. 



Rubine water heaters offer high functionality, irresistible elegance, and the best quality. The important fact about installing Rubine instant water heaters is the build quality that you will surely love.  

Aside from the amazing appearance of Rubine water heaters, it also has performance quality. Furthermore, the post-sales water heater services of Rubine are something that you will cherish forever.


Rubine instant water heaters even have a sophisticated and sleek design with IP25 standard splash-proof protection. This can guarantee that you will enjoy an extravagant lifestyle. 

Another good thing about Rubine water heater is that it is easy to use. Each time you use it, you can be sure of enjoying a very comfortable and refreshing experience.

Low Noise Inverter AC Pump

Rubine’s inverter AC technology offers you advantages such as stronger water flow without a loud operation noise compared to most conventional AC pumps.

Low Noise Operation

Another advantage of installing a Rubine instant water heater is that it has a low noise operation. They ensure low noise operation of less than 60db, ensuring that you will always enjoy your showers. 

Low Brush Losses

Rubine instant heaters also come with an AC booster pump with the latest innovative technology. This keeps the current, reduces the loss of carbon, and sparking.

The AC booster pump can guarantee to have a longer lifespan compared to the typical AC pumps. Keep this in mind as are the things to consider when buying a new water heater.

Strong Water Flow


A point to note when you have installed a Rubine water heater is that you do not have to worry about the strong water flow. The AC booster pump of this heater creates an amazing water flow of up to +/-5 liter each minute.

Silent Inverter DC Pump

A feature you want to have in your water heater is the inverter DC technology. It reduces power consumption, energy usage, and it operates in a silent manner so that you get to enjoy the best showering experience. DC pumps ensure a longer lifespan, thus you can save more money. 


You will get to enjoy a longer lifespan with less power consumption. You will also have amazing showers while still following an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Energy Saving


Since you will be using your water heater every day, you should know the significance of installing energy efficient water heaters. You want something that can help save energy as well. Rubine instant water heater helps save up to 60 percent energy and power consumption in comparison to a regular AC pump.

Silent Operation

The DC pump of a Rubine water heater operates silently at just 45db. It is very quiet, thus ensuring that you will enjoy peaceful showers. 

Now that we are aware of the interesting features of Rubine instant water heaters, let us get to learn about two of its most popular models. It is also vital to remember the things to note during the Rubine water heater installation


Rubine RWH-1388


This famous BOW series of Rubine instant water heaters have been created in a way that the water heater blends into any bathroom design. Aside from that, it has a slim and elegant design. The Rubine water heater is also equipped with a 120mm water-saving white or chrome black hand shower. It also comes with an installation kit, however, it is ideal to let a professional do the Rubine instant water heater installation

Our professionals have years of experience in installing water heaters. We can also do water heater maintenance for you as well. If you ever face any problems with your water heater, we can fix them for you whenever you want. 

Let us now learn the features of the Rubine 1338 instant water heater.

  • Model Type – RWH-1388B/RWH-1388W
  • Type of Pump – NIL
  • UK Technology heating element of UL-approved standard. Making it reliable in producing hot water.
  • Independent thermo cut-out that keeps the Rubine instant water heater protected from scalding and overheating.
  • Comes with a double thermostat that ensures anti-scalding protection.
  • 5-year warranty for the tank and the heating element.


Rubine RWH-2388


The BOW rain series is a premium edition of Rubine instant water heater. This model has a booster pump, and a common misconception about this instant water heater is that it is very noisy. Although, the booster pump is silent which allows you to enjoy proper water pressure. The heater comes along with the same color 120mm hand shower and also 205mm rainshower set with interesting features like a durable tube connector, anti-twist flexible hose, and more.

Let us now learn the features of Rubine 2338 instant water heater.

  • Model Type – RWH-2388BHP/RWH-2388WHP
  • Type of Pump – AC Converter
  • UK Technology heating element of UL-approved standard. Making it reliable in producing hot water.
  • Independent thermo cut-out that keeps the Rubine instant water heater protected from scalding and overheating.
  • Comes with a double safety thermostat that ensures anti-scalding protection for water heater safety
  • 5-year warranty for the tank and the heating element. Make sure that you can always enjoy complete peace of mind while using this Rubine water heater.



Whether you want a normal or rain shower while using your Rubine water heater, it will ensure you have a hot and relaxing shower. The main difference between Rubine 1388 and 2388 is the shower type, and Rubine 2388 has a booster pump that allows you to enjoy proper water pressure. Rubine instant water heater offers a slim and elegant design that fits every bathroom design. 

If you are looking for a water heater, then Rubine instant water heater will suit your home. You can browse through our website at Water Heater City Singapore. We can also do the Rubine instant water heater installation for you as well. 


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