Why You Need A Multipoint Water Heater For Your Home

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Most families in Singapore are often leaving their homes in the morning for work or studies and take hot water baths before they leave. For families that have multiple bathrooms, they are now choosing to install a multipoint water heater instead of installing a storage water heater. We are going to share several reasons why a multipoint heater is a preferred choice for homeowners in Singapore. This is to help homeowners who are planning to buy a multipoint heater. 

Saves Time


Homeowners in Singapore are choosing to install multipoint water heaters since they spend less time waiting for the water to heat at the preferred temperature. A thing you should know about storage water heaters is that it will take 5-10 minutes for the water to heat to the preferred temperature. After the hot water is used for taking a bath, the next person taking a bath will again have to wait for some time till the water is heated. As compared to the multipoint water heater, it will be able to provide immediate hot water whenever you need it. 



Since the multipoint heater only produces hot water when needed, the components of the heater are exposed to high temperatures for a shorter time. This increases the duration to which the heater can be used without needing a water heater replacement or repairs. It is designed from high-quality components.

The tank is made up of industrial-grade polymer with less welding. Therefore, the tank is unlikely to develop cracks and leaks. A thing you didn’t know about multipoint water heaters is that the best quality Japanese heating element is used. This has a diameter of 8 mm compared to the 6 mm heating element used in most heaters to ensure that the heating element will last for a longer period.  

Lower Electric Bills


A factor that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption depends on the duration when heating the water. Storage heaters, on the other hand, will take at least five minutes for the heater to heat the water to the preferred temperature. Additionally, the heater remains on for the period when the user is taking a bath.

Therefore, an issue you may encounter with storage water heaters is that you will have higher electrical bills. As compared to multipoint water heaters, it does not need preheating since it has the higher heating capacity and the electricity bill will be lower due to reduced energy wastage.

Do Not Need To Install Multiple Heaters

Most homes in Singapore require hot water in their bathrooms, and sometimes in the kitchen as well. Some homeowners would even install a heater in each bathroom, which will be a factor affecting the cost of instant water heater installation or storage water heater installation.

However, installing one multipoint water heater is enough to supply water to several bathrooms. Additionally, a multipoint heater can be connected to the existing hot and cold water pipes. Therefore, installing a multipoint heater can significantly reduce your energy bills. Just keep in mind to avoid the causes of water heater failure while using your multipoint water heater.  


There are many benefits of installing a multipoint water heater, especially for families who live in larger homes. Compared to installing a storage water heater or an instant water heater, having a multipoint heater can supply hot water in numerous bathrooms. Additionally, they are durable, and your energy bills are reduced. For interested buyers of this multipoint water heater, you may contact us at Water Heater City Singapore. We can also do the multipoint heater installation since our professionals have years of experience installing the top 3 best-selling water heater brands in Singapore. 

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