Why You Should Buy An Ariston Andris2 RS Storage Water Heater

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You do not like the fact that sometimes you have to wait to shower simply because your storage water heater doesn’t indicate when the hot water is ready for a warm and healthy shower. 

If that is the case, then it is time to consider installing an Ariston storage water heater at your premises. Here are the reasons why:

Make Your Water Heating Experience Much Comfortable


Installing an Ariston Andris2 RS 30L storage water heater connects your property to energy-saving equipment and also maximum comfort. You are sure to enjoy absolute peace of mind in addition to saving over 25% of your energy, thus reducing your monthly bills. All of these are benefits of buying an energy efficient Ariston water heater. In addition to that, this heater allows for precise temperature control so that you can take a shower without the water becoming too hot or cold. 

Long Lasting and Hygienic Water Heating Experience


The fantastic innovative control panels that are durable, hygienic, and safe are the key features that you must consider and why you should opt for an Ariston Water Heater.

Indeed, in opting for an Ariston storage water heater installation, you are confident that your heating system will not malfunction suddenly, causing inconvenience in your showering schedule. When issues in heating occur, you should be aware of the reasons why your Ariston storage water heater is not hot to fix the problem immediately. Additionally, the integrated scalding prevention indicator ensures a safe water heating experience by preventing possible accidental burns. It has an AG+ technology included in the water heaters which ensures 100% effective antibacterial properties for a fantastic hygienic shower experience.

Sleek and Beautiful Italian Designs


The Ariston Andris2 RS 15L storage water heater is also highly distinctive due to its minimalistic design. In fact, it consists of elegant, clean, and modern lines designed by renowned art designer Umberto Palermo. This heater also comes in visually appealing monochrome colors that can make any bathroom look incredibly stunning. 

Moreover, its sleek and minimalistic design does not take up too much space, unlike other water heaters. All of these are reasons why you should buy an Ariston Andris2 RS storage water heater

Copper Heating Element

A notable feature to have in a brand-new water heater before purchasing is if it has a copper heating element that ensures optimal water heating. An Ariston Andris2 RS has that feature and unlike traditional heating elements, it is corrosion-proof. 

Furthermore, it prevents the buildup of scale which could result in water contamination. If you are familiar with other water heater elements, this one has features unique to others. It is also not magnetic and can therefore prevent harmful materials from attaching to vital components resulting in heavy damage. The titanium also has a very low thermal expansion rate which reduces stress that could lead to the Ariston water heater becoming permanently damaged. 

High Density Insulation

One of the major benefits of the Ariston Andris2 RS water heater is that it is highly energy efficient. This is because it is built with high-density insulation. This type of insulation is one of the factors that affect your Ariston water heater’s performance in a way that it ensures that heat loss is minimized. Moreover, it reduces the likelihood of the pipes freezing which could warrant expensive repairs. 


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