Why You Should Buy Everhot Water Heaters?

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Homeowners in Singapore can choose from a wide range of water heater brands and models. Another popular water heater is from Everhot. Thus, homeowners are planning to purchase an Everhot water heater to find out why it is in demand. Additionally, they also want to know the reasons why many people choose this over the other brands and models of the water heaters. Here are some of the reasons why Everhot water heater is one of the top-rated water heater brands. 


The main reason why Everhot water heaters are popular is that they have better features and more designs compared to other brands. Buyers can purchase either the durable enamel line water heater or lighter stainless steel heaters. The water heaters are also available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 25 litres to 400 litres, to fit the requirement of families. Meanwhile, other companies supply and guide you as well on the electric water heater informative walkthrough and elements. There are a few companies that supply gas water heaters making it the preferred choice for those who wish to install gas heaters.

Value For Money 


Water heaters are reasonably priced making them good value for money, since most of them use high-quality parts, have excellent features, and are long-lasting. Additionally, there is a reason why you should lower you water heater’s temperature as this is factor that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption. During the Everhot water heater installation the user can also ask a professional installing the water heater to reduce the water temperature level, to the lowest possible level, 60 degrees centigrade. For larger water heaters, the water heater settings can be adjusted to heat the water during off-peak hours, when the electricity rates are lower.



A thing you didn’t know about water heaters from Everhot is that it offers a comprehensive warranty on the water heaters it sells for a period of one year if they are properly installed. The warranty of Everhot includes all the parts, including workmanship. There is also a warranty on the water heater tank, and if there is any water heater leak, it will be replaced for free for at least three years. The warranty is extended for seven years in case the tank is installed in a single family home, and this is due to their lesser usage. Meanwhile, for commercial establishments, the tank warranty is only for three years.



Water heaters from Everhot have multiple safety features to ensure that there is water heater safety. It also has a thermostat, a cut-out for over-temperature, and a combination relief valve for pressure and temperature. The thermostat is the basic safety feature to prevent overheating of water and will cut off the power supply after the desired temperature is reached. One sign of a faulty water heater is when the cut-out for over-temperature is activated, and this means that the thermostat is failing. A faulty thermostat is hazardous, and can even be a cause of water heater failure. It is ideal to call a professional as they can solve the issue. The relief valve will get activated immediately if the temperature and pressure exceed the safety limits. 


Everhot is a leading brand of water heater since it has a reliable hot water source, is durable, has good value for money, and it is safe. When you are using water heaters from Everhot, you do not need to worry about the causes of water heater failure as it has advanced technology. If you are planning to install an Everhot storage water heater, take note of the factors affecting the cost of water heater installation. For water heater installation services, you may give us a call at Water Heater City Singapore. We can ensure to do the Everhot water heater installation in an efficient manner. 

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