Why You Should Lower Your Water Heater’s Temperature

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Most instant water heaters that are installed in homes and storage water heaters are designed to heat the water to a preset temperature and stop heating the water after the desired temperature is reached. For some expensive water heater models, there is a preset provided for adjusting the water heater externally. There are some cases wherein the internal settings may have to be changed which are specified in the user manual. The preset temperature of the instant or storage water heater is usually high by default, resulting in higher energy bills. However, it is recommended that the user should lower the preset temperature of the instant or storage water heater to the lowest extent possible for several reasons, which are discussed below.


It Prevents Scalding


It is important to keep your instant water heater or storage water heater’s temperature at a normal rate since hot water from any source can scald the skin. This can cause painful burns and may get infected. The skin can damage more if the skin is exposed to hot water for a longer period. Children are more likely to get scalded by hot water since they are less careful. Therefore, you should reduce the water temperature to the lowest extent possible for safety when using your water heater. Since this will lessen the possibility of anyone getting scalded by hot water. Keep in mind as well the water temperature below 50 degrees centigrade can increase the possibility of bacteria formation in the water. 


It Slows Mineral Buildup

Water heater maintenance is vital since almost all water contains some amount of dissolved minerals. These minerals get deposited on the inside of the water heater and piping as the water is getting heated. The rate of the deposited minerals will depend on the water’s temperature. The minerals are deposited at a slower rate if the temperature is lower. Since the evaporation rate is higher, at higher temperatures, more minerals are deposited. The deposited minerals reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the water heater. Therefore, reducing the water temperature will also reduce mineral buildup, keeping your water heater optimized for a long period.


It Saves Energy


The amount of energy needed for heating the water is equivalent to the preset temperature. The factor that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption is when you are reaching a higher preset temperature, more electrical energy is required. Since the heat energy needed for an increase in water temperature is generated from the electrical energy. Less heat and electrical energy will be needed if the preset temperature is lower. Also, since the mineral buildup is reduced, energy will also not be wasted on heating the deposited minerals, and the energy consumption of your water heater will be less. 


It Saves Money


There may be some things you didn’t know about water heaters, and that is water heater is one of the top three in terms of energy consumption. Thus, lowering the temperature will reduce the electricity bill. Therefore, it is highly recommended to lessen the preset temperature of the water heater to the lowest level possible. This ensures that the water is warm enough for the family members to have a comfortable bath. 



The main reason why you should lower your water heater’s temperature is to lower your energy bills. Whether you are using an instant or storage water heater, it is vital to set the temperature of your water heater to the lowest rate. This will also ensure that you will prevent scalding on your skin and mineral buildup. Ignoring your water heater’s temperature will cause water heater failure sooner or later. To ensure that you will enjoy the use of your water heater, you may consult us at Water Heater City Singapore. Our experts will suggest the ideal temperature when using your water heaters.  


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