Are Rubine Storage Water Heaters Reliable?

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Most families and individuals in Singapore are interested in buying and installing the right water heater for their homes. In addition to the price and features, one of the factors which are considered while purchasing a water heater is reliability. Since a lot of people do not want to waste time and money repairing the water heater frequently. Most individuals prefer to purchase a Rubine water heater since it is compact, well-designed, and affordable. They would also like to find out whether Rubine water heaters are reliable, and we have discussed the features below.


Rubine Sphere Series

The Sphere series of the Rubine storage water heaters consist of compact water heaters of a capacity of 15 liters and 30 liters. One of the reasons why this series is very reliable is due to the use of an SS 316 steel heating element. Which will ensure high temperatures, water, and pressure without getting rusted for a very long time. The blue diamond enamel tank is coated with enamel for great durability. Both Rubine SP 15 storage water heater and Rubine SP 30 storage water heater have a polyurethane foam, which will prevent heat loss from the hot water stored in the tank. This guarantees that the water remains hot for a longer period. The power rating of all the heaters in the series is two kilowatts.

The whirl flow technology helps the water in the heater get heated quickly. This water heater has multiple protection for water heater safety, and just like the pressure relief valve which will open when the pressure in the water heater is above the safety limit. The dry heat and overheat protection will cut off the power supply to stop the heating when it surpasses the preset temperature. To minimize corrosion in the water tank, each heater has a magnesium anode, which will react with the dissolved minerals in the water, thus they do not react with the tank body. A five-year warranty is provided for the heating element and the water tank specifies that Rubine is positive on the quality of these parts. A one-year warranty is provided for the other components. If the Rubine storage water heater has issues during the warranty, the water heater should be replaced. Supplies for Rubine water heater installation are also provided.


Rubine SP 15 SIN 2.0 Storage Water Heater


This is the smallest Rubine storage water heater that you can hire a professional to install, and it is just right for smaller families, individuals with compact rooms. There are two variants of the 15 liter Sphere series of Rubine water heaters. One version is designed for a water heater installation below the sink, while the other version is good to install above the sink. These versions mainly differ in the piping position due to differences in storage water heater installation. The time required for heating the water for an inlet water temperature of 35 degrees centigrade is approximately seventeen minutes.


Rubine SP 30 SIN 2.0 Storage Water Heater


The 30 liters Rubine water heater is suitable for small families. This water heater model has all the features of the Rubine series heaters. The time taken to heat the inlet water at 35 degrees C to preset temperature is approximately thirty-four minutes.




By knowing all this information, it is proven that Rubine storage water heaters are reliable. The sphere series is best for small families or individuals living in Singapore. Aside from its reliability, we also got to know Rubine’s water heater features, design and affordability at the same time. 

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